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  1. kennymn

    Easter weekend smoke ( part 2 )

    Can you see my pic's now ? If so THANKS Bassman and Cajunsmoke for your help . 6 - racks ready for rubbing smoking with hickory for 2 hrs. foiled for 2hrs.with apple juice cut up ready to eat
  2. kennymn

    A great Easter Weekend w/q

    This is a great Easter Weekend , First of all for the good news on the high seas for the US Navy and the hostage . Second I finely figured out how to use Photobucket ( spent all day Saturday working on it reading different threads and trying different things ) . And thirdly mother - in - law...
  3. kennymn

    bacon lovers -- BACON BRA -- what's next !!!

    This is totally nuts , look at other products also ! LOL www.asylum.com/2008/05/09/the-most-bizarre-bacon-products-ever/?icid=1615984947x1200304447
  4. kennymn

    Sundays smoke - Part 2

    Smoked a meatloaf , 5 lbs. bologna , a chunk of spam and some candian bacon . The bacon was a 7 lb tenderloin brined for 6 days with Hi. Mountain and rubbed with a spicy rub . Temp at 225 degs. for 3 1/2 hrs. internal temp 160 degs. with hickory chips . Rubbed the bologna with the same rub , the...
  5. kennymn

    first cold smoke Part 1

    Built this smoke generator out of 2 unused paint cans , ( 1 - 1 gallon and 1 pint , 1 - 2lb coffee can ) 1 can of sterno , 2 - 4" elbows , 8' - 4" expanable tubing , the pint can holds the wood chips and it is bolted into the top can ( the bottom of top can is removed ) and the sterno sits...
  6. kennymn

    Red Skelton & the pledge of allegiance

    This is so unbelievable. In 1969, how did he know ? Some of you may remember him but he passed away before many of you were born. Red Skelton was a good & funny man . He also ended every show by saying , " GOOD NIGHT AND GOD BLESS . " Listen to the end of this . It is something he said 39 years...
  7. kennymn

    smoked bacon cheeseburgers

    Ever since I seen the thread on smoked bacon cheeseburgers awhile back I said to myself I need to do this . 5 lb roll of hamburger ( I had in freezer for a yr. ) 10 patties 1/2 lb each salt and pepper , chedder and or pepper jack cheese , bacon and sliced onions . Very simple to do and 2 hrs...
  8. kennymn

    sauage rack for a GOSM

    Couldn't find a rack for GOSM so I built this one with stuff I had around home. 2 - 1" x 3" x 22 1/2" pine board and 4 - 22 1/2" x 3/4" wooden dowels . Notch the 1 x 3 's at 2 1/2" from each end and 3" from center to center from each other , then fasten with finish nail in each end of dowel ...
  9. kennymn

    Snow-storm smoke

    I got my Xmas meat smoked today but I had to move my smoker into the garage . Snow and 20 - 25 mph wind gusts so I whimped out and put her in the garage . 2 fatties, 5 lbs pork loin and 12 lb turkey now my garage smells like the inside of a smoke house !
  10. kennymn

    Smoking In A Snow Storm !

    I didn't want to start smoking this early in the morning but the weatherman predicted a storm to hit us at about midday .So I started at 9 and finished at 1 just as the storm hit . Smoked 9lbs of country style ribs and 10lbs of chicken quarters . Brined the quarters with just kosher salt , sugar...
  11. kennymn

    Labor Day Smoke - smoker full

    Haven't been smoking in more than a month so I thought I would put on a BIG FEED . Made 6 lds of Hawwiian ribs (LisaCSCO recipe ) three whole chicks brined & injected ( Deejays recipe ) a batch of Dutch's bean , a batch of cole slaw ( Crazy horse recipe ) a pan of corn casserrole ( Ajthpoolman...
  12. kennymn

    wind shelter really works for a GOSM

    planned on making a 13 pound batch of snack sticks on Sunday but the wind was blowing so bad I thought this was not a good idea . Everything was ready and I couldn't wait til the next weekend so I figured lets try it. Unfolded the wind shelter got the smoker going and loaded it up and crossed...
  13. kennymn

    Meal fit for a King ( poor King )

    When I got done with my wind shelter for my smoker I needed something to test it on , never done country style pork ribs before so I said to myself why not. Got 8 lbs. of ribs from Cub foods for 1.59 @ lb smeared mustard on them and tried Meowey's all purpose rub and went by the same smoking...
  14. kennymn

    portable wind break for a GOSM

    To eliminate the wind factor with my smoking I built this shelter out of 1 & 1/2 sheets of cheap plywood and 8 - 4 " hinges . For the extension on the exhaust I used a piece of 6 " heater duct pipe . After it was built I tried it out the next day , the wind was blowing alittle with gusts about 8...
  15. kennymn

    Smoking in the snow

    Well everybody has heard of singing in the rain ,well I was smoking in the snow today . I smoked 2 - fatties , a pork loin , Dutch's beans , 20 chicken thighs ,and twice baked taters. The outside temp was in the mid 20's with no wind and the ( insulated GOSM ) had no problems handling that . In...
  16. kennymn

    insulated GOSM smoker

    I got this idea from a thread I seen by q3131a ( Mike ) and I thought this should work. I went to H.D. and got a 4x8x1 sheet of foil backed insulation for $14.00. Measured it all out , cut it to size ,cut out the vent holes and used foil tape on all the edges, and screwed it to the smoker. The...
  17. kennymn

    My first pork loin, fatty, and baked beans meal

    I,ve been planning this day for months and today I'm going to do it. I smoked many meat loafs this summer to get some knowledge of smoking techniques and it has gone ok. So today I'm smoking my FIRST pork loin 4.5 pounds with Jeff's rib rub and Dutch's mahogany sauce and Dutch's baked beans and...
  18. kennymn

    can't find garlic & onion juice

    I was planning to smoke a turkey on the 4th of july and went to the store to buy the ingredients for the brine ( garlic & onion juice ) and the people in the store said they can,t get them anymore. So I went to 3 other stores and they said the same thing . I looked McCormick on the web and they...
  19. kennymn


    Hi all, My name is Ken I'm a first time smoker , I have a GOSM widebody gas smoker . I like to hunt and cook outdoors. In January I used my smoker for the first time and made 18 lbs of venison pepper sticks they turned out pretty good . I would like to get into making more sausages to cut down...
  20. kennymn

    Big Bird ( turkey )

    Hi all , I m a rookie to this site I have a GOSM for a smoker and I'm fairly new at smoking . I have 3 - 18 to 20 lbs turkeys in my freezer and I would like to know if I could saw one in half and make two halfs or make one whole . Have read about the safe zone and the best birds are between...
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