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  1. rc4u


    well now I know how to incorporate cabbage in my bean soups and baked beans. thanks.. I only use bag beans never canned
  2. rc4u

    Cook beef steak - How to avoid burning.

    i rarely pan cook steaks but when i do i never forget the splash of oil. with hot pan n nice when turned can go longer than 30 seconds. now fatty steaks do take time for rendering n do like above, but we usually are eating thick first cut sirloin, very lean. oh i do think seasoning should be on...
  3. rc4u

    Smart chickens VS dumb chickens

    I raise my own chickens usually every other yr I raise about 30 then just five for eggs over the past yrs. I usually only get a few of the hybrid meat chicks as some die early from heart attacks, even thou I have food n water separated otherwise they just sit in one spot and eat n drink all day...
  4. rc4u

    coleslaw with other roots

    I like new ideas. my wife is salad nut and now can surprise her several times. as I cook she works.
  5. rc4u

    Question on Beef country style ribs

    I have never seen beef ribs listed as country style, only pork. maybe a regional thing. I know that lately now pork is getting all these different cut names like beef
  6. rc4u

    coleslaw with other roots

    well more ideas my grandma from outa town didn't tell me
  7. rc4u

    ShoneyBoy is back !!!

    from memorial day to dec 11th we stayed at my daughters house in finished basement. our house is old and before flood plans. so we have basement and let it fill with water up 6' unlike some we didn't empty septic tanks,, oh im a builder and know they float when empty, lots work for all trades ...
  8. rc4u

    ShoneyBoy is back !!!

    we had to move in 2011 from corp's screw up. now the garrison damn is releasing 1250 cfps till spring and that's high river here, they expect it to be worse than '11 and sorry the Missouri dumps on ya. we were in illoinios in oct and relatives say the sippi is high as ever
  9. rc4u

    coleslaw with other roots

    good ideas. I do use radish when spring roots are ready. and you gotta put 'baga's n all roots in ur pork stews. never tried fennel, but will next.
  10. rc4u

    coleslaw with other roots

    when I make coleslaw I cut the cabbage then shred some turnips n rutabaga, little small diced onion n same with peppers n lotsa carrots and then spray some lemon juice over to keep color[like I do with potato n sweet potato]. and I usually make enough to fill little over half a 5 qrt pail, It...
  11. rc4u

    Putting the smoker away

    I do live in ND. and my friends use an ol worn out kettle grill or big metal farm buckets or make em, n put theres in the old n [cut out the vents],for insulation some even put pea gravel to fill space n insulation. it really doesn't have to cover the the unit even a 1/4 is good for air flow...
  12. rc4u

    ( smoking Pork shoulder and a Brisket ) help needed

    . and if ya want want juicy bark do it this way. I found best for me is thaw in fridge n then salt little first then put rub on thick n no wrap for one to two days in fridge n smoke 'er. or if ya want shiney bark use a rotisserie on grill or modded smoker. n chunks on the burner for smoke. takes...
  13. rc4u

    Turkey in a hole

    it is like steaming. only way to roast is wet burlap and we never had luck with foul that way. the ease of putting on fire for and putting out fire was the goal for next day.. we did lotsa pork and beef with burlap but always with little dirt first. now if ya ever done this ya do know that you...
  14. rc4u

    Turkey in a hole

    while boondock camping my cousins n uncles n I would fire up Friday nite in the dug hole and put the chicken's in over nite. we would cut out the back or spatch cock the birds wrap in foil with different spices n rubs in each n take out at noon depending on coal bed. if large coal bed throw on...
  15. rc4u

    Heart Healthy goulash

    so I couldn't read the ingredient list on the imitation chunks. whats it made of..
  16. rc4u

    Smoke hollow burner problems

    if you get your tanks at the exchange places, which by the way is only 15#'s not 20#'s. ive seen twice and experienced once. try laying the tank on its side and see if the flame goes up. at my brothers reception I brought out my 3 buner camp chef with 30,000 btu each and hooked upp to his tank...
  17. rc4u

    Embarrassing Question

    oh but really I know how to clean as well as cook. if you think this is what people do why arnt they speaking up. I do take your thoughts to heart but I don't usually think others do stupid things,, sorry 'bout that.
  18. rc4u

    Best place to find good affordable meat ( online, Local ? )

  19. rc4u

    Best place to find good affordable meat ( online, Local ? )

    I awlays buy by the case at sams last butts were $1.12 #.. you get 8 in a case and no injections just meat. same with ribs and both styles and beef bottom rounds for jerkey ect
  20. rc4u

    Embarrassing Question

    if ya didn't smell it its ok.. the nose knows.. and ya know how many people eat outa dumpsters.. in days of past there were no dates, its was all looks n smells. trust me
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