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  1. ballagh

    Deisgn Stages of a Monster Pellet RF Smoker. Need Input

    My last two smokers I built, (SS double door commercial fridge, and Ultimate Drum Smoker) I have used Smoke Daddys Pellet Hopper and am in love with them now.  I used every fuel source in the past, and with kids,a business, etc...It is what works for me now.  Being to sleep all night, and run it...
  2. ballagh

    gasket around weber lid on uds

    has anyone found a gasket type they like to use on the weber lids when using them on a uds?  i welded a 1" rim that sticks up 1/2" above the drum top and trying to decide if i should put a gasket on it.  i am almost done with the fab work and getting ready to season it.  guess well find out huh.
  3. ballagh

    removing the finish from a factory weber lid

    Will sand blasting remove it. Cause my grinders, and sanders only polish it :)
  4. ballagh

    Ultimate Drum Smoker

    Currently in the process of building what I coin as the "Ultimate Drum Smoker" :) Brand spanking new 55 gallon steel drum Weber grates and lid 5"x12" Stainless exhaust tip SS lid hinge Drum dolly Smoke daddy pellet hopper assembly Smoke daddy magnum pig Sand blast Powder coat Led Lights Round...
  5. ballagh

    Spray foam insulation removal question **Update**

    I built this one last year and was lucky enough to find an older one without spray foam. Looking at building another one bigger and better :) I found one and working on the price. It is a 2004 SS fridge I havent looked at it yet but am 100% certain it has spray foam between the cabinet and...
  6. ballagh

    Think this will work? water/drip pan in pellet fridge?

    Ok. So I built a double door SS pellet fridge. Love it to death. I want to start cooking some whole hogs in there. The inside chamber is 3' wide x 2' deep x 6' tall. I have a 1" granite slab on the bottom as a heat sink and the pellet auger comes in 2" above the granite from the left. I am...
  7. ballagh

    Question about brining 55 pounds

    I am going to try using pops brine method tonight for 55 pounds of bellies I picked up. I have dry cured in the past but want to try brining this go around. My question is do I need to aadjust the amount of cure since these bellies are 15 pounds each? I would like to try and do two per 5 gallon...
  8. ballagh

    My 1960's Commercial SS Double Door Build

    So I posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a Stainless Steel Commercial Fridge, and 2 days later I got a response.  Got a really good deal I think, $150.  It is a 1960's Puffer Hubbard Co fridge.  The front half of the outside is stainless (Doors and frame) and the back half is aluminum.  I had...
  9. ballagh

    I want to pick your brains before I start my next build

    I will start a seperate thread for my build  Lets just say I found a gem to convert.  So I have a few questions as i've never done a electric build before.  Little info before I ask my questions.  It is a SS double door commercial fridge.  I plan on using the SS Flange heating element for a heat...
  10. ballagh

    55 Gallon Reverse Flow Build with pics

    Finally found some time to get it started.  This was my first time using a plasma cutter.  Holy Cow that thing is awesome.  Makes nice straight cuts and fast.  I am using a 55 gallon veggie oil drum, and a craftsman air compressor tank that is 20 gallons.  So far I have the two tank mated...
  11. ballagh

    Need some help/ideas for my next build pics...

    Getting ready to start my next build.  I have been collecting parts for a month or so now trying to figure out how I am going to put this thing together.  This will be for my patio, and will be my primary smoker for get togethers and parties.  I have three propane smokers that I still use and...
  12. ballagh

    My 1st UDS GO HAWKEYES!!!!!

    Finally got around to making my first UDS.  I scored a veggie oil drum for $5, the inside is pretty much the same as everyone elses, weber cooking grate, weber charcoal grate with 12" tall 1/2" expanded sitting on 4" carriage bolts upside down to get it off the floor, thermo on the side. You...
  13. ballagh

    Iowa vs Iowa State Tailgate WOOHOO Qview coming on sat

    Our big state rivarly is coming this weekend.  I am loading up the 300 gallon RF with pork loins, chicken breasts, briskets, ABT's and beans.  Sure to be some great eats, lots of games. beverages, and wagers :)  Qview coming sat morning GO HAWKEYES!!!!!!
  14. ballagh

    Wood Questions

    How long do you typically dry your wood for after cutting? Do any of you strip all the bark off the wood, or smoke it with? How long would you let a downed tree lay and still cut on it? Do you tarp when its stacked or place in a shed? Thanks
  15. ballagh

    Registry of Team Names?

    Anyone know of a website that has a registry of BBQ team names?
  16. ballagh

    "Triple B" 300 Gallon RF is Complete

    The Triple B aka Beer Belly BBQ is finally done.  Going to clean out the inside, season it with veggie oil tomorrow and load her up on sat.  This will be going on a trailer in the spring and hitting the road. I put a granite slab below the door handles, (That is what I do for a living :) 5"...
  17. ballagh

    Help....I'm stuck/ Burn out pics included now

    Ok....Here is where I am at.  I have my 300 RF built.  I have sanded down the welds on the outside, sanded down the rust spots, and scratches on the tanks.  I have not burned it out yet cause the 300 gallon tank was brand new no rust inside, and the 120 gallon fire box was pretty clean in there...
  18. ballagh

    Getting Close to Being Done RF 300 Gallon

    I have not put it on a trailer yet.  Probley wait til Spring.  I want to use it a bunch of times to make sure it is what I want, and it is going to work the way I want it too before I spend the money on a new trailer.  I plan on starting the finish sand, grind, and paint next week.  I have...
  19. ballagh

    Spring Closures **Where to find??**

    I am looking for some Spring Clamp Closures to keep my smoker doors closed tight.  Any ideas where I can find some, or recommend a good quality one? Thanks.
  20. ballagh


    I cannot wait for this to start again.  I love watching Myron smack talk everyone.  I believe he is judging this year, so that might makes things a little more intresting :)
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