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  1. Sowsage

    CHARLIE DANIELS.... One of the GREAT's has passed

    I heard this earlier today and couldnt belive it. I like his music but I liked that he was a true patriot better. Good man no doubt he will be missed!
  2. Sowsage

    CI Grilled Double Layered Pulled Pork Nachos

    We do the same here as well. Yours look top notch! I dont know why ive never thought of putting our leftover beans on too. Deffinatly doing that the next time. I'm with the others I'll take the one with beans and cheese. Although I'm sure i would tear up a plate of the jerk too! Lol!
  3. Sowsage

    Time For A Few More Quick Easy Griddle Meals (Lotsa Pics)

    Dang that all looks good! I'll take a chilli dog...extra sloppy for me please! Lol!
  4. Sowsage

    Teriyaki Tenderloin - SnS

    Looks great RAY! Tenderloin is one our favorite at our house. Teriyaki is a great flavor too. Good choice of veggies . LIKE!
  5. Sowsage

    Ho-hum...Another pastrami thread

    Lol! Somehow when i read your original I actually read pickling spice..... probably because thats what I expected in a pastrami cure. But ... Im a few beers in soo.....maybe thats why.
  6. Sowsage

    Ho-hum...Another pastrami thread

    Wow! Thats some of the best pastrami ive seen in a long time!. When i read that you pulled it at 185° I knew you were gonna be right on track. At least for thin slicing! Thats the way I like mine. Thin sliced and piled high! BIG BIG LIKE from me!
  7. Sowsage

    Featured Pork for the 4th- Cuban Stuffed Pork Loin and more....

    I bet that Cuban loin was fantastic! Nice job all around!
  8. Sowsage

    Burger meat question??

    Same here. 1/4 plate makes for a good burger texture.
  9. Sowsage


    Thanks Ryan!
  10. Sowsage

    Featured First Time Surf, Many a Time Turf

    Man that sure looks good! Something ive never tried to cook. I guess I need to give it a shot! BIG LIKE from me!
  11. Sowsage


    Thanks Al! I appreciate it!
  12. Sowsage


    Thanks Robert! I agree. I love my cast iron stuff and moving out to the grill and smokers with them is deffinatly a step up in things I can create. I have few things brewing in my mind for some later cooks.
  13. Sowsage


    Thanks bear! Normally for me I like my steak with just steak! But I can remember having something like this at a restaurant years ago and I really enjoyed it. It was made with chop steak so I figured I give it a try with these strip steaks. I'm glad I did ! It was really good!
  14. Sowsage


    Thanks! Yep I was ready for a nap for sure! Thanks xray! I'm a big fan of shrooms too! Thanks Jake ! Thanks RAY!
  15. Sowsage

    Featured Made Pastrami yesterday.

    Looks awesome!
  16. Sowsage


    Picked up a couple of nice steaks the other day and decided to try something in the cast iron on the grill with them. Started out with some peppers and onions Then some shrooms Veggies ready and I graded some cheese. Pepper jack for me and Colby Jack for the wife. Steaks off the grill...
  17. Sowsage

    Monterey Chicken and Smoked Bourbon Pecan Pies

    Man that looks awesome! Nice cook on a great day!
  18. Sowsage

    Featured First Smoke!

    Dang! Heck of a smoke! Nice job Mama!
  19. Sowsage

    What’s everyone got on the pit?

    Oh yea and I forgot to mention...gun powder..lol!
  20. Sowsage

    What’s everyone got on the pit?

    We are laying low today. Brats and mac n cheese
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