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  1. thirdeye

    I Made a "daveomak" Ham Using a Picnic Shoulder ~ Part 1

    Guys, I could not stand it..... I picked up a boneless butt and a center cut loin roast today so Part 2 and Part 3 of this experiment are now underway. My plan is to post updates in this thread. One interesting observation today was during the injection. My standard drill with butt and...
  2. thirdeye

    Smoked ribs question

    Hmmmm, I was going to go along with mike243 and suggest cherry had a play in the color, but maybe it's the barbecue gods giving you the thumbs up.
  3. thirdeye

    Ho-hum...Another pastrami thread

    Whew, that sounds much better. Sometimes I mispeak between teaspoons & tablespoons, so I've been there.
  4. thirdeye

    Ho-hum...Another pastrami thread

    I'm following along ..... up until you added 1/8 C canning salt. To what? And you did a foiled finish with no steam time? Or other finish?
  5. thirdeye

    I Made a "daveomak" Ham Using a Picnic Shoulder ~ Part 1

    I helped prep some turkey breasts one year, we put them on a flexible cutting board and folded it into a U shape, then slipped them into the net.
  6. thirdeye

    I Made a "daveomak" Ham Using a Picnic Shoulder ~ Part 1

    Thanks for that. Do you slip the netting on before the equalizing step or after? When is the best time to remove to avoid sticking? A friend mentioned he has some of the 8" diameter, so that sounds like the 28. I do have a 1/4 elk bag but the diameter is more like 15" and it's more like...
  7. thirdeye

    I Made a "daveomak" Ham Using a Picnic Shoulder ~ Part 1

    Thanks, good to know. I froze the leftover vegetable broth in the original container so I will have to move on to Part 2. As much as I like the similarity of Buckboarded loins to Canadian bacon, I bet you're right. I see Part 3 coming. Thanks for the photos, this is what I'm talking...
  8. thirdeye

    Ribs- Butcher paper vs Foil

    For the best of both worlds...., use a double layer of foil for your bottom, add whatever goodies you like, then lay a piece pf peach paper (the same size as the foil) on top. Grab the paper and the foil at the same time and roll toward the ribs on all sides. Now they can breathe, but you...
  9. thirdeye

    Featured Made Pastrami yesterday.

    Looks great. Grobbel's was my go-to brand for years and is top notch. Then.... Sam's replaced them with their Members Mark brand. I have a sneaking suspicion they are Grobbel's with a different packaging, if not they are close to that level of quality. I do a pressure finish on mine, for...
  10. thirdeye

    I Made a "daveomak" Ham Using a Picnic Shoulder ~ Part 1

    This morning I got into slices from the large end where the muscle groups have veins of fat separating them. Being thicker than the shank end, I think these slices were even moister. Have you used this recipe on a butt? I'm guessing that an 8# to 9# butt could handle the full 14 or 15 days of...
  11. thirdeye

    Salmon filets and tails

    Oh, now we're talking. I'm serious when it comes to smoking Salmon, steelhead and local trout, and your's looks very good from here. :emoji_thumbsup: On a new topic, is there a thread where you detail the mods to your Masterbuilt? I have two friends I'd like to share that info with. Not...
  12. thirdeye

    What’s everyone got on the pit?

    Where are you getting that corn? Around here "knee high by the 4th of July" is the gospel. Now, by the end of August..... Look out.
  13. thirdeye

    Rookie from Wyoming

    Welcome aboard, and let 'er buck.... Don't get too fired up about the peach paper..... at our elevation (unless you live along the Belle Fourche River) water boils at ~ 203° or lower. Foil actually performs better most of the time. But the peach paper is great for prep work, lay it out on...
  14. thirdeye

    What’s everyone got on the pit?

    I'm doing a Pop's Brined chicken, 8 piece butchering..., skinless on the breasts and thighs, skin-on for the lollipops and wings. And the covered pan has some Hobo Potatoes which I make in a deep foil pan.... I think they are a drip pan for a Weber or Treager, but they are great for cooking in.
  15. thirdeye

    First 3.5lb pork loin

    Well on the good side you obviously had some juices in your favor. Injection is always a plus. Because whole loins are such a good value we would cook 8 to 10 for safety meeting lunches at work and serve sliders on Kings Hawaiian rolls. I injected them early that morning, but would not put...
  16. thirdeye

    I Made a "daveomak" Ham Using a Picnic Shoulder ~ Part 1

    Thanks for all the kind words. This technique is a perfect balance between moderate preparation and a high quality product. This picnic looks like a ham should, tastes like a hams should and bites like a ham should. It actually takes me back to bone-in hams I recall from the 70's.
  17. thirdeye

    I Made a "daveomak" Ham Using a Picnic Shoulder ~ Part 1

    After reading through THIS thread I had to give this technique a try, I'm a big fan of injecting for flavor, and have used injectable brines and cures with good success, so Dave's method for injecting a curing solution was right up my alley. I followed the recipe exactly and stayed very close...
  18. thirdeye

    Featured PBBE and Cornell Chicken thighs

    You've got a regular production line going on there, it all looks great.
  19. thirdeye

    Pulled Pork (Pork Butt) Success!! (PIX)

    The first of many to come.... That first picture says it all
  20. thirdeye

    Weird Pork Ribs

    I haven't seen any ribs like the ones you described, but I'm getting ribs that have a weird flap of meas on one end that look like this. Three individually wrapped racks all looked the same. I had to literally fillet off the excess meat so they would cook evenly. In the end, they all came out...
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