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    LOL for them vegans out there /snicker

    A few weeks ago, I was at a vegan wedding. We were just sitting down to dinner when my buddy texted me a picture of the buck he had just killed on opening day. Not everyone appreciated when I passed my phone around to show people.
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    Price of Pork Butt in your area ?

    On sale for .87 this week. I see it for .49 a few times each summer. I'll but it any time its 1.49, but the current flyer is saying the regular price is 3.49 and I don't ever remember seeing it that high.
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    How do you get the internet

    No one except the electric company has run anything up the mountain yet. So our only option for internet is a hot spot through AT&T. We first got our cell plan through them in 2009, so we're grandfathered into a ridiculously good unlimited plan that we are able to keep upgrading. Works good...
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    Need a Cornbread Recipe, or Two, or Ten

    I came here to post this. Everyone raves about it. I didn't pay attention to the recipe and used an entire can the first few times I made it. And then tried the one cup that it calls for. Nope. Use the entire can.
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    Food Prep Day on the Kettle

    Definitely a late update. The loin finished after about an hour and a half. Both chunks were wrapped in foil and left on the counter to rest. Chucky chunks still had a ways to go, so when they hit 160, they were covered in foiln and went into the oven at 300 until they came up to the low 190s...
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    Greatest Song Ever Recorded

    I tried to think of an answer, bit then I realized I've listened to nothing but kids bop songs for the last two years.
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    SnowShoe Rabbits (AKA “Hares”)

    We have snowshoes here. I've never hunted them, but I see them every now and then. I get a kick out of them when we get late snowfalls. They turn white but there's nothing but leaves on the ground. I walked right up to one crouched at the base of a tree. He thought I couldn't see him. Didn't...
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    Food Prep Day on the Kettle

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    Food Prep Day on the Kettle

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    Food Prep Day on the Kettle

    Thanks. I definitely do that every now and then. But whatever she's cooking, I'm not messing with her recipe.
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    Food Prep Day on the Kettle

    The wind is starting to pick up and the temp is dropping. Just pulled the loins and wrapped in foil on the counter. They'll sit there for a couple hours until they get moved into the spare fridge for the night. I'll slice and package tomorrow night. The chuckies are starting to get a nice bark...
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    Food Prep Day on the Kettle

    Now that I have the kettle running in the 290s, it's time to add the pork loin. I did this for my first cook when I built my wood sided smoker last summer. The brine is from a pork chop cook that Chilerelleno posted a while back. Water, salt, peppercorns, garlic powder, dried minced onion, and...
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    Food Prep Day on the Kettle

    The snake was getting close to the end, anyway. This worked great. Thanks.
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    Food Prep Day on the Kettle

    Thanks. I guess that was almost too obvious of a solution. Much easier than pulling the entire grate screwing around with a basket. Already up to 273 and climbing.
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    Food Prep Day on the Kettle

    Almost 4 1/2 hours in and internal temps are around 140. I've had moments where it's getting over 250, but staying mostly in the teens. Thinking about resetting and using a basket to get the temps higher.
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    Food Prep Day on the Kettle

    It's well into Fall here, so the chances of doing long cooks outside are going to come to an end soon. And this is my last free weekend until mid Novemeber. So i figured I might as well do a food prep day for lunches. First, chuckies are on sale so I grabbed a couple of those. The first has a...
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    The little things that make us smile

    Had to run into town this morning to grab a couple things I forgot for our trip to camp this weekend. Got put of the truck and the smell if smoking pig hit me. Someone, somewhere around here got up early for a cook. And I don't know why, but it just brought a smile to my face. It's the little...
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    Tri Tip

    Probably tasted so good he ate the whole thing on his own. Still sleeping off the beef hangover.
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    Tri Tip

    Tri tip has quickly become a family favorite for us. It's one of the few meals that we all agree on, including the five year old and both two year olds. I have 3 in the freezer right now. They go on sale every few weeks here and I rarely pass on it.