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    Whats your secret ingredient?

    A lot of good ideas going on here for sure. I like a couple of dashes of cardamom in the coffee basket for a good cup of Joe. Adds just the right flavor to it.
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    What's your favorite off-the-shelf/store-bought barbecue sauce?

    Not in any particular order: Dukes Sticky Fingers Bulls Eye SBR - when in a pinch....
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    GrillGrates, worth it?

    I have had them on my Napoleon gasser for over two years now and I love them. They get really hot fast and prevent a lot of flair ups. I usually put a small handful of pellets on them for extra flavor. I use my grill for baking a lot of times and I think they help eliminate hot spots...
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    For all you smashburger fans

    Salting and letting them rest some really removes a lot of water in them when you squeeze them out afterwards. I think this helps them to brown up and get more crisp as they cook. Seems like all that moisture in the onions generates more steam than wanted with cooking up the burger.
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    For all you smashburger fans

    I make these quite often. Two comments tho. 1- there needs to be more onions than what's used in the video, IMHO 2- try slicing real thin, I use a mandolin, put in a strainer with a tsp of so of kosher salt, mix good then let sit for 10-15 minutes and squeeze them really good. I'll try a little...
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    Blackstone Griddle - To buy or not to buy.....

    I have been using my 28" proseries for almost 3 years now. Family of 5 with friends over and it works great. Have to shuffle things around some on larger cooks, but not a big deal. Really couldn't have gone with the 36" , due to all of my other stuff in the way but I love it. If you got the...
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    Italian Insanity: Lasagna Wrapped Sausages W/ Spicy Marinara & Veggies (Pics)

    What kind of Raviloi press did you get? I have this one that I use all the time.
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    Keep the music playing... What/Who Was Your First Concert ?

    Cleveland Coliseum RUSH, 1979. Permanent Waves tour. My Dad drove me and two of my friends an hour and a half. We all got stoned and had a good time. It's a wonder my Dad never knew, or did he?? Good times for sure.
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    Italian Insanity: Lasagna Wrapped Sausages W/ Spicy Marinara & Veggies (Pics)

    Wow, my pasta machine has only been used for ravioli , pieorgies and pasta. Gonna have to try this out for sure!
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    Kabanosy and kielbasa

    Looks great, be there in about 16 hrs......
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    The winds were howling last night and from mid 40's on Thursday to this in the am. It only went up 5 degrees this afternoon and is back here this evening. Now, I grew up in Northwest PA, but this stuff is crazy in East TN....
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    Old Trusty RecTec

    My 340 just broke the 3 year mark and it has been effortless. Many great cooks and many more to come.
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    Age test!

    On sunny days I used to lay a bunch of them down side by side and light one with my magnifying glass and watch them catch going on down the line. Good times.....
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    smoked turkey seasoning using mayo binder

    My bird was probably about 12.5 lbs after spatchocked and I used 1/3 cup of mayo. I squeezed it to get by with that amount, so you might want to use more. I went through many paper towels to get it all dry before applying the mixture, but it does get quite messy though. For seasoning I just go...
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    smoked turkey seasoning using mayo binder

    I use a mayo rub a lot and am using it on my turkey now. It has to be the real McCoy in that it can't be low fat or fat free. The fat helps with moisture and I have noticed the other versions seem to coagulate and not mix well. I used about a 1/3cup with SPOG to taste and rubbed away, making...
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    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Welcome from Knoxville TN, although I'm originally from the Shenango Valley just North of you in Mercer County.
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    Which Sous Vide Cooker can you recommend?

    Been using my Inkbird for about a year now. Works great and no issues with it.
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    Chuck Roast… first attempt

    Once you're up at that temp, don't be concerned with temp anymore. Go by probe tender. That's truly the way to go with these. These are my favorite to smoke, just got to go by feel of probe. Now, some will disagree, but to keep these moist, you got to wrap around the stall, IMO. Helps keep...
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    Normal for a Blackstone?

    Yep, that's what the underside of mine looks like too. I'm not gonna worry about it though. It will probably outlast me....
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    Normal for a Blackstone?

    Yeah, don't have any problems with the rust at all. I'm sure it will keep going for quite some time...