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  1. J

    Pellet Smoked Salmon & Brine Gone Wrong?

    Finish temp is too high. 120-130F is the sweet spot for salmon. 145F is WELL DONE. Don’t listen to the USDA unless you like dry meat.
  2. J

    Moving again. Baltimore!

    Just moved to the Baltimore area myself not too long ago and faced similar challenges finding the right spot for my family. Baltimore has its gems, especially if you're looking for a family-friendly neighborhood with good schools. Ended up finding a great place with a bit of yard space and...
  3. J

    Are there any house Painters on the forum?

    That's why I always trust the pros when it comes to painting. I couldn't do it by myself. Living in Hawaii, I always use the services of Oahu Interior Painting whenever I need some painting done. It's tempting to try and save a few bucks by DIY-ing it or hiring the cheapest option, but in the...
  4. J

    Identify a light bulb as LED ?

    Figuring out if a bulb is LED can be confusing. I had to do this with my lights at home. To see if a bulb is LED, check a few things. LED bulbs don’t get as hot as the old-style bulbs do. They're usually made of plastic, not glass, with a chunky part at the bottom. Also, when you turn them on...
  5. J

    From backyard to Business

    Let's start from the simplest. To make money, you have to provide services. To provide services, you need customers. To find clients, you need to grab attention. Nowadays it is quite easy to do this through online communities. Help people who face problems related to graphic design and answer...
  6. J

    "hammy" ribs

    It may still have added solution, just 'natural' ingredient based. Celery extract is often used in 'natural' labeled meats. The term is essentially undefined by the USDA and FDA. At best you can interpret it to mean no synthetic ingredients.
  7. J

    The new Camp Chef Woodwind Pro looks promising

    I would expect it to jam the augur like any other pellet burner.
  8. J

    Masterbuilt Gravity Series Smokers Are a Quality Control Nightmare; My Review

    Many people can't stand to hear negative opinions about the products they've bought. Unfortunately internet forums seem to attract these people and they band together to drive off dissenters. Try saying a critical word about RecTeq around here and the cult comes out of the woodwork. You're a bad...
  9. J

    Who here has a Char-Griller AKORN Auto Kamado?

    The auto Akorn is basically an IVC with a factory ATC. Extremely efficient. Doesn't put on a strong smoke flavor unless you let the wood smolder though. I've found that handfuls of wood chips give a better flavor than chunks for this reason.
  10. J

    Best pellet smoker around $300

    The Chimp wants to run hot and burns cleaner than your typical pellet grill. Great for chicken but it performs closer to a kettle than a pellet burning smoker.
  11. J

    Best pellet smoker around $300

    ZGrills are a good value, but Pit Boss will send you replacement parts for five years. I'd get the Lexington.
  12. J

    Cabinet smoker Q

    Cabinet smokers tend to get quite humid with no water pan. Just use the heat deflector.
  13. J

    Cabela's brand of pellets?

    They're Lumberjack. You can get them cheaper most likely but Cabelas runs some pretty good sales.
  14. J

    Which pellet grill I should buy? Traeger, Camp Chef or Req Teq?

    Clowns who only advocate for what they bought, whether it's good or not. I've bought two or more models from almost every manufacturer and I don't misguide people to inferior products because I spent money on a product that doesn't perform competitively. I was testing and reviewing them. You...
  15. J

    Video…. Tom Horsman, no charcoal used in a gravity feed bbq cook.

    Gravity fed smokers do not recirculate the smoke to burn off VOGs as a KBQ C-60 does. There is little difference between the white smoke of a gravity fed and a pellet smoker or anything else kicking off a lot of white smoke. Wet white smoke isn't the worst, but don't try to say that gravity fed...
  16. J

    Which pellet grill I should buy? Traeger, Camp Chef or Req Teq?

    You can't even speak on half of these devices and cookers because you don't know anything about them. I actually spent the money and have hands on experience with them. You weirdos have to troll my forum profile and comment history to criticize me, yet you can't debate the statements in my...
  17. J

    Looking for advice

    I'd happily pick up a KJ for that price. The basic Akorn is $350.
  18. J

    Which pellet grill I should buy? Traeger, Camp Chef or Req Teq?

    Oh no, someone disagreed with your purchases. Must be a troll. No, you just have poor taste. Too cheap for Fireboard or a Guru. Inkbird is quality because you bought one. Sad! Many such cases! I've owned temp monitors and ATCs from almost every brand except for Pellet Pro, and many different...
  19. J

    Which pellet grill I should buy? Traeger, Camp Chef or Req Teq?

    Nope. The plastic is thin and the glue is weak. It's just cheap junk.