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    I need some recommendations

    This old brain is working slow. I miss read Boston post. He is asking for advice on an extended warranty replacement for his old pellet grill.. My bad,
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    Pellet grill will not stop feeding pellets. Overheating

    If it happens again, recheck connector fitting, and ground wire.
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    I need some recommendations

    From my experience you want to first decide if you want to just grill, just smoke, or both. Then look at your budget. They run from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. Some even allow you to add would chips orr chunks. PID controllers are common now except for Oklahoma Joe's. Wi-Fi is...
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    Pellet grill will not stop feeding pellets. Overheating

    As others suggested, it reads like you have the fan and auger wiring swapped. Do not depend just on color coding. They can vary depending on who made the replacement controller.
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    Burn back in hopper, best way to deal with it?

    OJ's Rider DLX and other newer pellet grills have a shutdown mode. You press the shutdown button then drain the hopper. The controller then turns the temperature up then runs long enough to empty the auger tube of pellets then automatically shuts off. Downside you have to wait for the auger...
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    Smokey Woods Pellets on sale

    our Ace sells only Tragger. I have found OJ's pellets which are pretty good on sale at about $10. our Walmart sells Bear Moutain for a bout $10-$12. Buy a bag. Give those Ace ones a try. One suggestion I have is color is good way to look for quality. In my opinion. the lighter the color...
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    It has arrived.

    Good choice. I just got my pellet grill about a year ago. You will really enjoy the ease of operation and food flavor both grilled, and smoked.
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    Pit Boss PBV5P2 observations

    I have a wood burner and pellet grill-smoker. Same, not quite but reasonably close. If you came from a smoker that uses smoldering wood chips then you may be tasting a cleaner wood flavor that is not as harsh as smoldering wood chips. I smoldered wood chips iin an electric smoker for years...
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    Boss Grill Pellet Smoker

    On another forum one of the guys used an old weber charcoal starting chimney filled with pellets setting on top of a full pellet hopper.
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    Can i do anything with these pellets

    My first thought is how do they hold up under finger-thumb pressure? What they have to do is survive the auger pressure, and not turn into dust that clogs thee aauger tube.. Are we talking 20# bag or 40#.
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    Questions for RecTeq owners: Final MAK UPDATE, it's ALIVE!

    This was from a question back in April but just thought it might help someone. Oklahoma Joes Rider DLX has a pellet trap door, and shutdown mode that burns all the pellets in the auger tube.
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    Pit Boss Sportsman 1100 on the way.

    That really looks versatile. Nice clean lines. Good eats are a coming.
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    Longer lasting grill/smoker

    As others have noted, keeping it under cover is a big plus on longevity.
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    Pit Boss Sportsman 1100 on the way.

    I suggest you start with small amounts of meat first. Maybe, a single slab of ribs or a 3-4 # chuck roast. You will soon realize the simplicity of pellet grill operation. I have a large wood burner as well as the pellet grill. The wood burner sits idle now.
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    Expert Grill Model 910-0014 Question

    The highest levels of smoke are when the pellets ignite in a bit cooler burn pot temperature. Pretty much the same as a wood burner in a manner of speaking when you had fresh wood.. Before PID controllers, temperature swings were quite large so you did not need smoke mode as much.
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    Pit Boss Sportsman 1100 on the way.

    I used and old but clean, sock dipped in vegetable oil. On bacon grease, might go funky after a while.
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    Pit Boss Sportsman 1100 on the way.

    I agree with the others on pit boss pellets. Not bad just not the best. Tragger and pit boss have about equal quality in pellets. Not a fan of Kingsford either. Bear Moutain, Oklahoma Joe's are my go to pellets. I hope to find Lumber Jack in my area soon. A general rule of thumb is darker...
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    Pit Boss Sportsman 1100 on the way.

    If you are new pellet grill-smoker I suggest you buy only one of each type, or brands of pellets. That way you can find what you like best before stocking up. Remember too keeping the fire pot, and auger tube will keep it running well.
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    Combo Pellet smoker/Grill?

    The Rider DLX 1200 is on of the best grills out there ,and a half decent smoker. But, it has one flaw. A bad controller.
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    Initial burn

    I disagree with this post. Pellet brand can maake a huge difference in smoke profile. I suggest you master your new grill before starting with pellet tubes. Clouds of white smoke are very uncommon on modern pellet grills with good pellets. Modern pellet grills have fixed some of the...