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  1. steveaggie

    Smoker/oven combo idea

    That looks like it would work to me, but what temp are you trying to achieve in the oven? I don't know much about building an oven. I mean with meat you're probably not going to go above 400 degrees. After that you're basically grilling. Not sure how hot pizza is cooked but I would assume...
  2. steveaggie

    My Smoker/Grill Build

    Mine wasn't really designed to be an oven, but a smoker instead (225-250 degrees). So I don't really know about your design. What temp are you trying to get to? You'll probably have better luck putting the smoking chamber over the fire and deflecting the heat somehow. The farther away from...
  3. steveaggie

    My Smoker/Grill Build

    Yes, plenty of briskets run through this thing now. I've done some 325/350 for chicken. No problem. I usually have to keep it pretty closed down to keep the temperature low. Once it gets up to temp and I build a coal base in the firebox (this takes about an hour or so) it's very temperature...
  4. steveaggie

    My Smoker/Grill Build

    It is doing great. One issue I had was that I didn't really put anything between the top of the firebox and the granite counter top above. It was getting too hot and starting to cause fissures in the granite. If I controlled the heat and kept it low it was fine, but I still didn't like it...
  5. steveaggie

    Smoke chamber top

    I used a 1/4" steel plate for the roof and put bricks on top of that mostly for aesthetics.  The plate rests on the sides and back.  I don't have any fire brick on the top.  Smokers are made out of thick steel so I figured it would be fine.  Turns out it works great.  
  6. steveaggie

    My Smoker/Grill Build

    Be sure to post some pics of your build as you go through it! Here is the link to the BBQ calculator I used.  I believe the values I have in there are what I ended up with (approximately)...
  7. steveaggie

    Comment by 'steveaggie' in media 'smoker1.jpg'

    Looks pretty good to me.  I don't have much experience with designing for a diffuser, but there are lots of smokers that use them well.     Supposedly the vertical cook chamber accounts for part of the chimney height.  So looks like yours needs to be about 9".  I used the same calculator for...
  8. steveaggie

    Cement block smoker please help

    I wonder if refractory mortar spread over the cracks would seal it up.  Would probably want to do something on top of that for cosmetic reasons.  Is the firebrick cracking?
  9. steveaggie

    My Smoker/Grill Build

    Sorry, just saw this.  I used 1/4" steel plate.
  10. steveaggie

    Questions about Firebrick and Mortar

    I used 2 1/4" for everything because it worked better from a design standpoint.  On the smoke box, I think you would be fine going skinnier, especially since you're using block behind it.  I also used refractory mortar.  I can't speak much to the fireclay mix, but the refractory stuff is rated...
  11. steveaggie

    My Smoker/Grill Build

  12. steveaggie

    My Smoker/Grill Build

    Thanks smokedad! There is an intake damper on the firebox door.  It slides open to reveal a 3x10" opening.  Then there's a 6" chimney.  I highly recommend this calculator.  I can attest that the ratios they give you feel right when you're smoking...
  13. steveaggie

    My Smoker/Grill Build

    Final pics in first post!
  14. IMG_0366.JPG


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    IMG_7585 2.JPG

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    IMG_3681 2.JPG

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  19. steveaggie

    My Smoker/Grill Build

    Thanks for the reply Adam.  I am pretty much done at this point.  I am working on getting some bids to do the countertops for me.  For the top I ended up going with steel plate and then covered the top with brick for appearance sake, but you're right it will also help with the heat/insulation...
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