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  1. shooter92

    Hello from Central Ohio ....

    Welcome from North Central Ohio        
  2. shooter92


    Welcome from Ohio. You'll like that MES
  3. shooter92

    Spares and Quarters

    3 hours on the quarters.
  4. shooter92

    Spares and Quarters

    Must have me confused with some one else. My name is Frank and from north central ohio . Think maybe I should move to the south.................
  5. shooter92

    Spares and Quarters

    Thanks guys it took a while to get the temp just right but I got to tell ya them ribs melted in my mouth,  
  6. shooter92

    Spares and Quarters

    Well I broke in my MES 30 today it was 16° out when I fired it up. My wife ,Daughter and her boy friend and grand kids along with my Son and his buddy all gave good reviews. Hope the pix come out.    I used Jeff's Rub  made the BBQ sauce also but ever one ate them as they came out...
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  10. Rubbed and ready to go.

    Rubbed and ready to go.

  11. shooter92

    Greetings from Ohio

    Welcome Jeff from North Central Ohio, A receive a MES 30 for Christmas. A lot of good information here.
  12. shooter92

    New guy from Findlay Ohio

    Joe welcome and Merry Christmas from Huron Co. Ohio. Just got a MES 30 for Christmas already made a batch of Jeff's rub and sauce, now to break it in
  13. shooter92


     Merry    Christmas
  14. shooter92

    Merry Christmas From All The Bears!

    Hi Bear, Merry Christmas to you and your family. And yes those are great pictures.
  15. shooter92

    How did you come up with your screen name?

    I've used this for years mainly on some bike forums . I collect old Winchester lever guns and the model 1892 is my favorite 
  16. shooter92

    hi everyone

    Welcome  to the forum Joe I'm a newbee also and I like my beer.
  17. shooter92

    Hi from Ohio

    Hey all thanks for the welcome again. SOB I live just outside of Bellevue, prolly 35 miles east of ya. Bear one of my books show your 88 made in 1972 don't know how accurate it is. Getting a good blast of winter as I type.
  18. shooter92

    Hi from Ohio

    Hi Meateater thanks for the welcome,love them old guns