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  1. R Blum

    How Do I Get Rid of These Armadillos?!!

    Keep them around. I've see recipes on here for Armadillo eggs. LOL
  2. R Blum

    Thunder Bay safe haven for ships

    I live right on Lake Huron and I have seen her many times.
  3. R Blum

    Troubleshooting a ceiling fan

    Just buy a new one.
  4. R Blum

    Throwdown Entry - Belgian Beer-Cheese Soup With Fresh Smoked Sausage In A Homemade Pretzel Bread Bowl

    I used to go to Dragonmead all the time when I lived nearby.
  5. R Blum

    New guy from michigan

    Welcome from the Tip of the Thumb.
  6. R Blum

    Venison Summer Sausage

    Yesterday I made 15lbs of Venison Summer Sausage. How long can i keep it in the fridge before I have to freeze it?
  7. R Blum

    Apple Custard

    Copied and gonna give it a go. Looks great.
  8. R Blum

    Hello from NW Michigan

    Welcome from Michigans Thumb.
  9. R Blum

    Pepperoni sticks

    I am planing on making venison pepperoni sticks and my recipe calls for non fat dry milk which I don't have. I have fermento, citric acid, soy protein concentrate but not dry milk powder. Can I just substitute milk instead of the water?
  10. R Blum

    Whitefish Run In Lake Superior

    Love smoked Whitefish.
  11. R Blum

    Gas Grill Pies

    Do you deliver?
  12. R Blum

    Is there a Mayberry anymore?

    I live in a town of about 450 people. Very rural but just about everyone knows each other. The town has no traffic light, one bar, small cafe and a service station that still pumps gas for you. Moved here from the big city. Never going back to the city. I love it here.
  13. R Blum

    Pot Of Pinto's

    Great Beer.
  14. R Blum

    Favorite widely available bourbon or whiskey

    Jim Beam Ghost was the best. They discontinued it I guess. Can't find it anywhere. I have probably the last two bottles.
  15. R Blum

    Curing Chamber

    No not with using the thermostat that I showed.
  16. R Blum

    Air Fryer fail....again

    We just had breaded cube steak on the air fryer and it came out great. We use ours almost every day.