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    Post Oak Pellets

    I taste the difference between white oak and post oak. They taste quite a bit different to be honest. Both are fine and I don’t think one is better than the other but they definitely taste different unless you are burning a dirty fire.
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    Post Oak Pellets

    Real wood post oak definitely tastes different than other oaks. But agreed you won’t notice it in pellet form. Aaron Franklin isn’t the first to popularize post oak that’s kind of a weird thing to say. It’s been a staple of Texas bbq for a century.
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    difference between pellet types

    I never noticed any charcoal flavors from char pellets. I’ve put some lump charcoal, pellets, and wood chips inside a smoke tube and gotten a little bit or charcoal style flavor but not enough to really say it was the point. The lump is just there to help the chips burn. i get a little bit...
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    How do they expect this forum to survive when they can't even fix basic formatting issues ?

    Forktender and anyone else affected by this I have another small work around. If you are using chrome, hit f12 in your browser and select the console tab. Paste this in and hit enter: $(".p-body-main").removeClass("p-body-main") This somewhat fixes the issue, but you have to do it on every...
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    How do they expect this forum to survive when they can't even fix basic formatting issues ?

    It’s not a computer setting problem. It’s the responsive grid design. This is my field and I can see the exact problem and I promise you it’s in the site side. For any site developers reading this thread. It incorrectly sizes the grid columns because it misidentifies the viewport size. I...
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    How do they expect this forum to survive when they can't even fix basic formatting issues ?

    the issue is based on browser window size and resolution. Since those are different for everyone, it’s not all that surprising. The current workaround for those affected is to make your browser window tall and skinny and while it doesn’t fix the grid issue, it moves the columns around enough...
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    How do they expect this forum to survive when they can't even fix basic formatting issues ?

    It’s not him. It’s affecting others including me. It’s a responsive design error and if the site developers need help fixing it I can point out the issue.
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    How do they expect this forum to survive when they can't even fix basic formatting issues ?

    I have this problem on desktop browsers as well. It’s better if you don’t use a wide browser. Don’t maximize it and size the browser to be a tall skinny window. The bug is with their responsive design grids which is technomumbo jumbo for how to make it look good on a mobile phone.
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    Masterbuilt 560 extra smokey on start up

    good post and warning. My buddy has a gravity fed smoker and you light it by pouring in lit charcoal, which is also up in the air. I'm figured a start up procedure would be the same for a masterbuilt, but if it has it's own technique by all means follow the directions. Yes, you get some...
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    Masterbuilt 560 extra smokey on start up

    I don't have one of these, but the key to any clean smoke is a function of heat and air flow. The goal is to build a bigger and hotter base of lit coals with lots of air flow to burn up the smoke instead of it billowing out. One thing you might try is after the initial light, crank the smoker...
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    Outdoor Kitchen - do I keep my green egg

    I kept my egg and while I don’t smoke with it much anymore it still makes one of the best grills and high temp steak cookers you can buy. I use a vortex and place a wood chunk on the hot metal for a reverse sear steak and it’s ruined all other methods. not sure I’d go out of my way to buy...
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    Vortex Wings Advice

    Dry brine them with salt baking powder overnight. Search for oven wings baking powder to find a few versions of it. You can adapt this to a vortex. Will come out a little salty but the texture is nearly identical to fried.
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    Considering moving to pellet smoking

    Agreed with the other posts. If you use a pellet smoker like you would your previous smokers and follow basic smoker procedures, you will probably find it a little lacking on smoke flavor. If you tweak your cook to be specific to a pellet cooker and are willing to experiment, you can get...
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    Need help deciding

    I don't have any experience with smokin brothers premier 24, but double wall insulation would be a negative for me. Sure you might be more efficient with your fuel in terms of heat, but burning less pellets is not always positive. Pellets are already behind in terms of smoke out put and gas...
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    Chimney or Vents...same same or is one BETTER than the other?

    Pellet smokers work on positive pressure from a fan. In a positive pressure environment a chimney is going to be the same as a vent. It's not going to draw like it would if there was a heat due to pressure / density differences. the air is just going to find the nearest exit and go there...
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    Need help deciding...$3k budget for a pellet grill.

    Rectec 700 for smoking and a weber kettle / or some kind of ceramic kamado for grilling I like my rectec, but if you want direct flame for grilling you want a real fire. I'm not getting rid of my bge anytime soon. Just my 2 cents.
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    Arizona Traeger Smoker

    If you can, putting the smoker in the shade or under some kind of deck umbrella goes a long way. The ambient temps are still going to be fighting against you, but that direct sunlight will heat up metal at least 50 degrees.
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    Smoking at 225 compared to 180 or lower on pellet smokers

    One thing I've learned about old school bbq methods is that temperatures were seldom measured properly at the grates, so take specific numbers with a huge grain of salt. And the other thing I learned about cooking with all wood fires is that you cook at the temp your smoker runs best at. Your...
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    Smoking at 225 compared to 180 or lower on pellet smokers

    I didn't really care for the result. The smoke flavor was increased a bit, but I don't like cooking at that low of a temp for a while for a few reasons. I like to smoke at a little higher temp. 275-300 even. I feel like the fat renders a little better that way and results in a better cook...
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    SmokeDaddy Magnum P.I.G and Pellet Pro PID upgrade for my PB Austin XL

    I tried running with the bottom cap on and the smoke was awful. I might could have tweaked it to make it work, but it was obvious the fire was choked and the canister wasn’t even half full. It was the first thing I tried and had the most impact. I was thinking of trying some kind of daisy...