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  1. cdldriver

    JarJar Mini (Jumbo ) Build w/Pics

    I am trying to get the parts now. were id you find the pot? i really like SS. lease help.
  2. cdldriver

    Got a barrel today...

    were di you get the barrols from?
  3. cdldriver

    Thoughts on a Stainless UDS using a Pellet Pro feeder...

    should do fine but not sure. Were did you find the. stainless steel drum i am lookinf forone too.
  4. cdldriver

    Smokin John's UDS Build

    how much was it to sand blast the drums?
  5. cdldriver

    A Great Man Has Passed Away

    Gary was a real good guy. we will all miss him. RIP. and god bless his family.
  6. cdldriver

    Whole Pork Skin not edible

    were is everyone?              
  7. cdldriver

    BBQ Sauce Recipe

    oldschool what hapen to recipee?
  8. cdldriver

    Welcome our newest Mod

  9. cdldriver

    So what's all this fuss about ABTs?

    so howmuch cream cheese to soup mixture?  
  10. cdldriver

    Prepped for tomorrow with QVIEW

    so what is in  the rub  and quantities?
  11. cdldriver

    I got a new Weber Kettle for Dad's Day...;}-

    so you going too get ride of mini mee?  
  12. cdldriver

    Greetings from Chi Town

    and dint forget.       allot of friendly people willing to help.
  13. cdldriver

    What the heck am I doing?!!!

    ya what they said
  14. cdldriver

    Building Gravity Feed Burner

    I am sure some one will be by soon.