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  1. ej0rge

    First pie out of my GMG pizza oven

    Oh hey. Yeah lately i do. After a fashion. Can of tomatoes, add salt and some basil. Which is what most of the pros do, apparently. An average of 5g of salt to an 800g can of peeled or crushed tomatoes. The question then becomes what canned tomatoes you can get, and how much you like their...
  2. ej0rge

    Baked Potatoes

    I had one of these and loved it until it rusted out too much. Except i didn't love when i had to put like a brownie pan on top of it as a lid. "hibachi" is pretty much japanese for "fire bowl". I live alone and get annoyed at burning a whole lot of charcoal for dinner tonight and leftovers...
  3. ej0rge

    First pie out of my GMG pizza oven

    Tonight's pizza. same flour mix as above except the base is central milling organic 00 regular, 61% hydration, 0.4% yeast, 1.7% salt. Deck at 805f, 140 second bake.
  4. ej0rge

    Gmg controller

    Sometimes the power supplies and connectors go bad. The GMG is a 12v system so i don't know that there are aftermarket controllers that work.
  5. ej0rge

    jasmine rice issue

    golly, I just measure jasmine using the cup that came with the rice cooker, rinse 3-5 times in cold water, fill the water to just over the line for the number of cups in the rice cooker pot (because jasmine needs a little more), add a little salt and maybe a pat of butter, and switch the machine...
  6. ej0rge

    Seasoning cast iron?

    Just the other day i used my GMG to season some bare steel detroit style pizza pans (from restaurant equippers) with crisco. fyi if you want legit detroit style equippers sells them for $17 only unseasoned and the detroitstylepizza website sells them for $32 seasoned or $22 unseasoned. It's a...
  7. ej0rge

    Baked Potatoes

    Yeah, and the copper reacts with some foods in a way that is positive (like if you are beating eggs) and in a way that is not positive other times (say, tomatoes). The purpose-sold "potato nails" are not zinc coated. The ones i have are just polished aluminum. Not sure which alloy, they are...
  8. ej0rge

    Baked Potatoes

    Might taste funny
  9. ej0rge

    Baked Potatoes

    One of those potatoes is an onion.
  10. ej0rge

    My slightly ambitious pizza dough recipe.

    Just doing some rough math to convert this to grams and i think i must be measuring some pretty heavy cups of bread flour because if the standard is 125g per cup it comes out to like 87% hydration and I'm good but I'm not that good . . . .
  11. ej0rge

    Mexican Chorizo pizza

    Ah, I vaguely recall that part rice flour is one of the tricks of Vietnamese baguettes for a crispier crust. I should really switch to weight measurements for my baking. I have the scale. Yeah the enzymes in diastatic malt speed fermentation. So I hear. I've never used it. I found that adding...
  12. ej0rge

    Mexican Chorizo pizza

    How do you find that 10% rice flour affects the dough?
  13. ej0rge

    What kind of tree

    Diddn't the BBC have a series on how to identify trees from a distance?
  14. ej0rge

    Do I have to brine my turkey?

    for the safety angle, the sous vide guys are fond of reminding people that instantaneous temperature and joules of energy are different things. The 165 spec for chicken is 165 for 5 seconds to kill off the bacteria. lower temperatures at longer times also work. The table the SV guys use for...
  15. ej0rge

    Kirkland Wood Pellets

    I don't see them on the website either, but i did buy a bag. Haven't tried them yet. They might end up just being pizza oven fuel, which is fine.
  16. ej0rge

    a question for you pellet guys

    Looks like the control units are like $50. There's one on ebay right now for less than that, if it's the wide trapezoidal style i think it is. But of course check fuse, un-plug and re-plug connectors and clean them with something if they seem dirty or corroded.
  17. ej0rge

    GMG pizza oven attachment success in Camp Chef pellet grill SE aka PG24SE

    Like several people, I like both the pizza oven attachment and the green mountain grills pellet grill enough that I wanted a dedicated home for the pizza oven. The punchline was that the pizza oven attachment was what convinced me to track down a good deal on a 2nd hand GMG. So i trolled around...
  18. ej0rge

    Char Siu Sauce

    gonna low and slow this 3lb of pork shoulder on my gmg pellet grill tomorrow fuled with kingsford pure maple pellets, with Daddy Lau's marinade.
  19. ej0rge

    Birria chuck tacos, smoke during the braise?

    One final thought - I certainly ran out of fat to dip the tortillas in before i ran out of meat. Maybe put some of the bigger pieces of trimmings from the chuck into the pan with the rest of the food to render down into it.
  20. ej0rge

    Char Siu Sauce

    Welcome. I have a friend who sometimes leaves youtube just playing whatever the next video is. We went from Chinese Cooking Demystified (excellent channel) talking about, I don't know what, to Made With Lau explaining how to make a correct lo mein, I think. Daddy Lau was really insistent about...