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  1. smokeeater

    Video Link - "Hero" by Michael Israel in NY

    Check out this video, posted on YouTube by the artist, Michael Israel. I am not one to forward emails to everyone in my address book, but I have passed this link on to all my family & friends. It's moving and I got many replies saying how it brought tears to their eyes. Get your tissues ready...
  2. smokeeater

    French man cooks up world's largest barbecue

    I came across this on Yahoo! Looks & sounds delicious! Sun Nov 18, 11:25 AM ET SAFI, Morocco (AFP) - A French cook has prepared the world's largest barbecue -- spit-roasting a 550-kilo (1,213-pound) camel for 15 hours at a seaside Moroccan town south of Rabat. "It's a tradition that's fallen...
  3. smokeeater

    New propnae vertical smoker

    You'd get more repiles if you start your own thread instead of jumping on this old one. I would spray (or mop) the meat every time I open the smoker, or about once an hour after the first few hours. You say you foiled at 170F, but you don't mention the temp you stopped cooking at. For sliced...
  4. smokeeater

    1st smoke on the gosm

    Nice first post, John. Why don't you head over to Roll Call and introduce yourself. Welcome aboard!
  5. smokeeater

    any noreast events ???

    Check out this website for NorEast BBQ News & Reviews
  6. smokeeater

    Pork fat on or off?

    Here's another good question: Do you plan on cooking it fat-side up or fat-side down?
  7. smokeeater

    1st smoke on the gosm

    As long as the meat is juicy & tasty, skin really doesn't matter! The skin on my breasts is not usually crispy, only on the legs and wings. I smoke my chickens at 275F for the entire smoke. I've read that there is no real benefit to cooking chicken at lower temps than that, so I've never tried...
  8. smokeeater

    New propnae vertical smoker

    Try or follow this link.
  9. smokeeater

    New propnae vertical smoker

    You are NOT allowed to change the subject line once a thread is started. I asked the same question and it was answered by TulsaJeff. Follow this link for Jeff's answer.
  10. smokeeater

    Where to buy wood

    Ron, I too am from Long Island and posted the same question a few months ago. Follow this link to the thread I started. Here is a post of mine on the second page of the thread:
  11. smokeeater

    3 crappy pieces of chicken & oh yeah i got married today

    True story - I was at a bbq yesterday and when the rain and wind picked up in the early evening, the women (including my girlfriend) headed in the house, while a bunch of us guys hung out in the garage drinking beers & waiting for a couple chickens cooking on my friend's rotisserie grill. One...
  12. smokeeater

    This sounds so good!

    Chicken Fried Bacon W/Cream Gravy Recipe #156010 Bacon - it's the icecream of the meat world, high in Vitamin-G (grease) and bound to make the food police crazy! This side of fat douple-dipped in fat then fried in fat & served with a side of fat (cream gravy) recipe comes from Sodolak's Original...
  13. smokeeater

    1st Smok on my GOSM

    Oh yeah, those people... I forgot about them!
  14. smokeeater

    1st Smok on my GOSM

    I checked out your new pictures from ImageShack on your other thread. Did you know that you could insert the large picture right into your post, instead of the small picture that is linked to the larger one? Copy the DIRECT LINK TO IMAGE from the ImageShack page you get after uploading your...
  15. smokeeater

    What would you do with this filet mignon?

    Next time, instead of just giving us a link to a picture and expecting us laymen to figure it out, make it perfectly CLEAR what the POINT or KEY to your whole topic is with the very first post! Would have saved yourself some time & frustration...
  16. smokeeater

    What is everyone smoking this weekend?

    Had about 25 friends/family over today for a feast! 15 pounds of pulled pork, coleslaw and fresh rolls. 3 racks of spare ribs, 5 chickens, and 4 dozen ABTs. Left my meat thermometer AND my digital smoker probe at work after smoking the pork there yesterday. Did the ribs and chicken using the...
  17. smokeeater

    food for cheap

    Hmmm... interesting! Nearest host site to me is an hour away though! Wall Street in Manhattan Oh well...
  18. smokeeater

    What is everyone smoking this weekend?

    Having a BBQ on Monday. Gonna smoke a couple butts tomorrow (Sunday) while I'm at work for 24 hours. When I come home Monday morning, I'll smoke some ribs (not sure how much or which kind), a half-dozen chickens, and a load of ABTs. My Aunt wanted to make the baked beans - so no Wicked...
  19. smokeeater

    I got discouraged, but I'm back!

    Way to go Redneck!!!
  20. smokeeater

    I got discouraged, but I'm back!

    Which GOSM do you have? Low temperatures shouldn't be that much of a problem. I hold around 225°F just below Medium on my GOSM Big Block without any problem (whether it is 25°F or 80°F out). *Download and read TulsaJeff's instructional guide for GOSM smokers if you haven't done so already...