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  1. bigr314

    Come with me on a Brisket journey.

    Looks good. Thanks for the pics.
  2. bigr314

    My winter smoke today with Q-view

    Awesome cook!
  3. bigr314

    Yesterday's Smoke Session

    Wow! great job.
  4. bigr314

    Smoked jerk chicken w/ Q View

    Nice looking chicken. Thanks for the recipes.
  5. bigr314

    To spatch or not to spatch?

    Spatch always. Now I spatch turkey and turkey breast. Comes out great every time.
  6. bigr314

    Your Favorite Jerk Rub or Marinade

    Yea you are right it is Shagdogs, 
  7. bigr314

    Your Favorite Jerk Rub or Marinade

    It just said Jerk Seasoning 8 ozs. and Jerk Seasoning Marinade 12 ozs.
  8. bigr314

    Your Favorite Jerk Rub or Marinade

    I just ordered some dry rub and marinade. If it does not get in by the weekend I will have to use your marinade.
  9. bigr314

    Chicken Bombs

    Wow,awesome. that is now on my to cook list. Thanks
  10. bigr314

    Chicken Breast Thies and Drum Sticks

    Nice looking cook. Good job.
  11. bigr314

    low and slow for chicken?

    Low and slow or hot and fast, if you know your smoker both ways get the job done to moist great tasting chicken. It seems like you hear more often than not people are moving to the hot and fast cook.
  12. bigr314

    Chicken legs on a UDS

    Sounds like everything worked out for you. Nice jib.
  13. bigr314

    First spatchcock chicken

    Looks like a great cook. Nice job.
  14. bigr314

    Pro Bowl Beer Can Chicken

    Looks like a winner. What did you cook it on,and what temp.
  15. bigr314

    Your Favorite Jerk Rub or Marinade

    Going to make jerk chicken wings on the UDS for the Super Bowl. What is your best jerk rub or marinade. Thanks
  16. bigr314

    WSM maiden voyage in "real time"!

    Nice looking cook. great color on that bird.
  17. bigr314

    First fattie results

    Yep. I have fatties on the UDS as we speak. The IT is 165 and the bacon is not ready at all.
  18. Making Fatties for a festival

    Making Fatties for a festival

  19. bigr314

    Making Fatties for a festival

    I am doing an Italian Festival in a few months. I wanted to make something different from the common fair food. I thought of making individual fatties(4ozs. Meat). Maybe even putting a stick in them sort of corn dog style. Any thoughts? I have a small test of 8 individual fatties on the UDS now.
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