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    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to ALL My SMF Friends in 2021

    Merry Christmas and happy new year , thank you
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    Any hockey fans?

    Let’s go Caps
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    Ribeye in Strips (Grilled)

    Always sir
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    Coupon Codes on Amazon

    My is well))))
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    Anyone have a knock off chick fil a recipe

    How long to brine ?
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    XTREME Surf & Turf!

    Wow , beautiful view and great finish of your day
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    Smoked leg of lamb

    You can build from brick This is what I have , made from ceramic
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    Smoked leg of lamb

    It’s great to hear . I’m from Central Asia ( Uzbekistan) and we always remove all lymph nodes I need try to smoke leg of lamb Most the time I use my tandoor make it tandoor gusht
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    Smoked leg of lamb

    Looks great , I hope you know about lymph node. If you remove lymph node from the leg you will not smell lamb at all .
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    Masterbuilt Gravity 1050 Charcoal Consumption

    I have 1050 , smoke a lot butts but never use over bug and half. Lately start use a lump charcoal even better result.
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    Mom passed on this morning

    Sorry for your loss
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    Japanese Knife

    Nice score
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    It’s what we drink for past 2 years , it’s expensive but good
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    Surf and Turf

    Happy birthday sir, best wishes for you
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    Masterbuilt Gravity Feed

    Never see nothing like that , cocked few brisket using B&B
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    Lonzino Jerky

    Following, looks great so far
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    Looks delicious
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    Props to Jeff!

    One year ago I have no idea how to smoke and now I fill like I’m pro . Thank you Jeff and everyone here on this forum for recipes and support Alex