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  1. SmokingUPnorth

    My First BLT—Banjo Style

    I don’t do tomatoes but love traditional “BLT’s”. I’m going to have to try with bologna. Thanks for the idea
  2. SmokingUPnorth

    Wings on a weber kettle

    I would thaw them out. Dry them completely and let them sit uncovered in the fridge overnight. I think cooking them from frozen staying damp most of the cook would result in rubbery skin
  3. SmokingUPnorth

    We Lost Another Member

    Dang rip! 😞
  4. SmokingUPnorth

    New Smoker in St. Louis

    Welcome to the party. Tons of good people and info here.
  5. SmokingUPnorth

    Why do things go tail up. Just wanted to cut the grass!

    I switched to the Ryobi 40v lawnmower about 4 years ago and love it. I ended up gettin the weed eater and leaf blower and it’s so nice not to have to worry about keeping gas around/ mixing it and all that. We had smaller yards so they work out great. Batteries can be a little bit of a pain but I...
  6. SmokingUPnorth

    Tired in Tennessee

    I had the MES 30 and loved it. Actually two of them. My only gripe was to go a full rack of ribs you have to cut them in half. Is you have the budget to would go with the 40” vs the 30” just for the extra size. I also ran a pellet tube/maze in for extra smoke taste.
  7. SmokingUPnorth

    Well, It’s About That Time! Right?!

    Haha that’s a good one. Thanks
  8. SmokingUPnorth

    WSM 22.5 Issue

    I also bought a gasket kit for the door and lid. My bbq add I sold it before I used it too much but I’m sure it’s like the kettle, the kit should seal up after a few cooks and door might not hurt to get the gasket
  9. SmokingUPnorth

    Detroit style Sourdough pizza .

    Dang that looks good, gonna make me order pizza tonight haha
  10. SmokingUPnorth

    It has arrived.

    Oh man congrats, from the reviews on here that thing will be with you for 10+ years
  11. SmokingUPnorth

    Hello from Florida.

    Welcome to the party. Tons of great info and people on here!
  12. SmokingUPnorth

    Crazy few months but back to “grilling”

    Thanks Steve. I didn’t actually pay attention to that when I got it until you mentioned it. I’m use to going to Walmart, meijer, GFS and grabbing what they had haha Thanks fork! Thanks good info And thanks everyone else
  13. SmokingUPnorth

    Crazy few months but back to “grilling”

    So back in November I got orders to go to Bahrain for a year. Had to leave the family which is harder than anything I could have imagined, but I’ll save the sob story haha. I reported about two months ago and finally got my stuff delivered today. My main savior was my Smokey Joe. I got it picked...
  14. SmokingUPnorth

    Pretty cool Military/bbq thing

    This popped up on my google I thought it was pretty cool. Hope others enjoy it!
  15. SmokingUPnorth

    finally finished setting up my outdoor kitchen

    That’s awesome I’m jealous
  16. SmokingUPnorth

    More Ribs for Memorial Day 🇺🇸

    Ribs look great. Raising the kids right Bbq and Notre Dame! (Maybe one year they’ll pull through for me 😭) haha
  17. SmokingUPnorth

    No wrap ribs!

    Man those look good. I stopped wrapping ribs just put them on and let them ride. Just easier for me.
  18. SmokingUPnorth

    S 10. Rebuild

    Nice. What engine does it have or getting?
  19. SmokingUPnorth

    Chef's Choice Slicer on sale on Woot

    Thanks for the heads up. I have to stay off of woot though. Way more deals than my pocket can handle 😂