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  1. ben cartwright2

    Dutch oven storage in garage problems

    I decided to move the dutch ovens to my den in a corner below my stamp collection.  It is a bit further to the outside but they won't rust.  I think I will try the plastic grocery bag idea on a off brand skillet and see what happens.  Of course in Massachusetts I have to hurry up and lay in a...
  2. ben cartwright2

    Dutch oven storage in garage problems

    I have to store my dutch ovens in the garage, as a result I am getting rust on the outsides. The insides are fine and even when I don't use them for a long period of several/many months I don't get rust there as there is good seasoning.  I alternate between putting a piece of paper towel over...
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  7. ben cartwright2

    Big easy in the snow

    we only got a dusting today, a couple inches and now it is the end of February, come March the temps will be in the 30's!  Winter is almost over for us in New England!
  8. ben cartwright2

    Big easy in the snow

    It may even melt by May!
  9. ben cartwright2

    Big easy in the snow

    Look at the pictures from the  original post, that was 3 weeks ago, now look at the snow, it just isn't stopping. I don't know if I will ever see my webers again! The upright box is where all my supplies are. I haven't seen my pile of KBB in a month
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  13. ben cartwright2

    Big easy in the snow

    Yeah that is the way it usually is here in Mass, but now people are so used to getting slammed that there is bread and milk left in the stores! They are saying 3-6 Wednesday, that is a dusting really nothing at all. I hope that is how they stay from now on and then melt slow! We ended up with...
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  16. ben cartwright2

    Big easy in the snow

    Shaggy    It is funny, I do have 3 boys, the youngest is a lefty.  But the oldest name is Joe, while the youngest the lefty is Sean, Dan the middle guy looks just like Hoss, heavyset, the other two are skinny.  The youngest is "Joe Cartwright" in SASS the Single Action Shooting Society while I...
  17. ben cartwright2

    Big easy in the snow

    I have 2, one in the sump and a backup.. I am going to spend the next couple weeks getting everything off the basement floor. I also have 2 shop vacs, had one and just bought a backup figured to get it now before the rush in a few weeks.
  18. ben cartwright2

    Big easy in the snow

    I am more worried about a wet spring in the basement!
  19. ben cartwright2

    Big easy in the snow

    Gary    I would rather have snow than ice!  Look at Toronto a few years ago, Ice can make a mess of things big time!