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  1. whatchacookin

    First Smoke on our new reverse flow smoker!

    Ryan, That looks great! How often did you need to put logs on the fire? How many did you use for each cook? What temperature That looks great! How often did you need to add logs, how many did you use per cook? What temperature did you cook at and was it easy to maintain?
  2. whatchacookin

    Sunday Night necessities run 😁

    Stock was running low and Academy just opened up near me and I had a 20% off coupon. I really like the B&B charcoal green bag for every day cooks and I prefer Jealous Devil for the longer.
  3. whatchacookin

    Reheated pulled pork not wowing me…

    Agreed. I wait a couple days, reheat in a dish in the oven at 195 give or take 40 minutes, add a little water to hydrate and it’s great. I also do the same for brisket. microwave is out of the question. the smoke flavor is definitely there.
  4. whatchacookin

    Pulled pork sandwiches!

    I second that!!
  5. whatchacookin

    Happy Fridge

    Wow that looks great! What’s your address and I’ll help you with those 😂
  6. whatchacookin

    Fixing a Kamado gasket

    Do you have the classic II? I’ve been able to keep my gasket for almost 3 years using high heat silicone. If it’s shrunk, I doubt you’ll be able to fix it. I’ve been curious to try wood stove gaskets. They are cheaper.
  7. whatchacookin

    Issues on mobile though the website.

    Good to know. Thank you.
  8. whatchacookin

    Issues on mobile though the website.

    Seems like the site is running clunky. I can be several threads down then all of a sudden it jumps to the top. Also, is there a back button out of a thread? Usually I’d hit back on safari but there Isn’t one. There are ads on the bottom. Wonder if they are blocking the forward back buttons.
  9. whatchacookin

    Interested in Opinions/Reviews from Meater Owners

    I just ordered the Meater 2 plus. Higher internal temp than the others and higher ambient. increased range of the Bluetooth. I’ve been waiting for these improvements for some time. I know several that have the originals and they love them. This new will blow the others away. I also use an...
  10. whatchacookin

    Issues on mobile though the website.

    Is there an app for the forum through a third party?
  11. whatchacookin

    Newbie from Illinois

    That’s pretty funny! We’ve done extensive work in our back yard this year, last project is a pavilion with an outdoor kitchen. I’m sure I’ll be going down many rabbit holes lol. Can’t wait for ideas!
  12. whatchacookin

    Newbie from Illinois

    Thank you!
  13. whatchacookin

    Newbie from Illinois

    They were fantastic!
  14. whatchacookin

    Newbie from Illinois

    Hello fellow grill masters, greetings from central Illinois! Kamado Joe classic is my current grill, hoping to add an offset next year. Last cook was lamb chops. I look forward to gaining Insight from y‘all and making great food.