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  1. jessie50

    Pearl Harbor

    May they rest in peace.
  2. jessie50

    Beer Sediment...?

    I just sent Debi to your post for her answer but the phone rang. She will be right with you when her sister lets her go.
  3. jessie50

    New Smoker...

    Hiya Bowhunter and welcome to SMF. I was born and raised in WI and went to school at U-W Lacrosse. I was just telling DeeJay the other day about pushing my bike up Grandads Bluff and then riding it down after resting at the Alpine Inn. If your bratwurst spices give you good results please...
  4. jessie50

    back from summersville

    Aimee stole the show and debi tried her very best to steal Aimee.
  5. jessie50

    Newbie from Wisconsin

    Hi from one EX-Wisconsinite to one now Wisconsinite. I am not doing much smoking myself but i have to hold the platterand open the door for my partner. There are some good people here with tons of advise and a good laugh or two.
  6. jessie50

    Frozen VS Fresh

    All this praise is making DeeJay almost unbearable to live with. Not really she does alot though. LOL
  7. jessie50

    Frozen VS Fresh

    HELP!!!!!! swollen head warning in CT
  8. jessie50

    Pork Rib Belly Bacon

    Deejay doesn't listen to me about the available freezerspace though. She just said she wants a brisket.
  9. jessie50

    Pork Rib Belly Bacon

    I just want to say that it looked terrible until I took over!
  10. jessie50

    Another New Member from North Carolina

    Hiya Topsail Girl it's me jessie.
  11. jessie50

    SMF Push Pin Map

    I got my pin added but now Deb thinks I stole her pin.
  12. jessie50

    Family pics

  13. jessie50

    hello to all

    Welcome Dan, I have been here for all of a day so I figured it was time to join the welcome chuck wagon.
  14. jessie50

    Hello from CT

    It is actually a gecko that we found at the airport in Hawaii. He was just sitting there posing for us. I'm not sure I want to be a frog on this forum. Can you smoke frog legs?
  15. jessie50

    My new toy showed up today

    I really hope the price on your next batch goes down. I saw that Debi! <jess wanders off shaking head>
  16. jessie50

    Hello from CT

    LOL she just said "WHAT! And get your sticky fingerprints all over em"
  17. jessie50

    Enterprise vertical stuffer

    I think I can answer the question about how Debi's releif valve works. there is a hole drilled through the disk and a bolt goes through the hole. There is a washer that is on the inside of the bolt but not tight to the disk. When the disk is cranked down to the meat the bolt is pushed up...
  18. jessie50

    Hello from CT

    Thank you one and all for the warm welcome. Since Debi does all the smoking and I just follow directions I have been looking around so I can figure out what the heck she is talking about. "fatties"?????
  19. jessie50

    first meat loaf so so

    Use ketchup to the max! I worked for HJ Heinz and that is my retirement.
  20. jessie50

    How do I get rid of this newbie name attached to me ?

    I use the term newbie as an excuse. Somebody asks a question and I say I dunno, I am a newbie.