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  1. bigal

    my 1st steak on weber kettle

    Nice even cook!  Hard to beat that!  Very nice job and thanks for the pix! 
  2. bigal

    Just Steak and Potatoes

    Looks FANTASTIC, Disco!!!  I like your smoker!  Did you make those mod's to the Lou, or is that how they make them now? Thanks for the pix!  Everything looks very good!  Great idea's too!
  3. bigal

    How many times do you flip your steak?

    Rogan, I'm a flipper.  Tried out Heston Blumenthal's method of flipping every 20 seconds or so.  Need high heat.  That's how I do all my steaks now.  I flip every 20-30 seconds.  I've had really good results.  I did it on a cast iron pan, smoke'n hot.  I've also done it on a gas grill as hot as...
  4. bigal

    Getting back in soon

    Hello everyone!  It's been a long time since I've been here, been a while since I really smoked anything.  Sold my smokers, yes I am a pellet head, but I won a small el-cheapo brink bullet.  Have only done a little bit on it. Work has kept me from smoke'n and so have I.  One son in college(not...
  5. bigal

    Playing with the Stufz, tried it all in one day.....

    That looks like fun!  Very nice look'n burgers!  I need to do that for my son, 15 and a burger eat'n machine. Great post! tell us more about this "stufz".  I've never heard of it. Thanks
  6. bigal

    Beef And Garlic Awesomeness

    That looks and sounds fantastic!  I gotta get into sausage make'n!
  7. bigal

    Lots of Restaurant Stuff for sale

    Sorry to hear of the news.  There is a chance I can help you sell some of the coolers, and possibly more, but would like to have pix.  Do you have a site or can you post some pix somewhere?  Wish you the best of luck on  your next endeavor! 
  8. bigal

    Huge score

    Dang that looks awsome!  Perfect for a long fb game that goes into double overtime!.....take that long to eat that big.....sammich.  Very nice!  Congrats! BTW, what does that thing weight?
  9. bigal

    Beef Bacon

    WOW!  Looks fantastic!  Great pic of the helper, too.  He won't be get'n into any trouble in 10yrs. Great look'n b-fast sammy, too!
  10. bigal

    For those with small children!

    Fantastic news!  Your heart just drops when you hear of things like that.  So glad it all looks good for him!  Prayers are still sent to make sure he's home safe so he can get in trouble again!   Next it will be fall'n from a tree.  Keep us updated Eman!
  11. bigal

    AMNS cold smoking observation

    Thanks guys!
  12. bigal

    AMNS cold smoking observation

    Hate to be an idiot, but am good at it , but where can I buy one of these?  Or what do you use to build them?  I can't figure it out,  the metal. Thanks. 
  13. bigal

    Pork didn't pull...

    Boston butt has a built in therm to tell you when it's done.  Feel the bone and when it feels like it will pull out clean, it's done.  I don't even use a probe on a butt anymore and I've found high heat has no affect.  It's not the end of the world, you could put it back in the pan, back on the...
  14. bigal

    The Juices left over from bbq'ing beef and pork - What do you make with it?

    I got a cheap grease separater measuring cup and use the good stuff on the meat that was cooked. 
  15. bigal

    Anticipating winter withdrawls

    Do you have a little garden shed or detached garage?
  16. bigal

    HELP! How many pork butts do I need to feed 30 people!

    I'd smoke 4 butts @ 8#'s each/32#'s.  Could throw on an extra "just in case", but I bet 32#'s pre cooked will work.  I'm guess'n there will be sides and not all the people will be teenagers.
  17. bigal

    Grilled Tri Tip French Dips QVizzy

    FAntastic!  We found that tri-tip is our fav for french dips!   Dang does that loook gooooooood!  nice job!
  18. bigal

    which cut do you prefer..picnic cut or boston bit

    Been a long time since I did a picnic, but from what I remember it was easier and we just liked it better.  Could have been alot of different factors that could have swung the choice either way. I may have to pick one up and just see why.  They aren't expensive and not bad at all.  If you try...
  19. bigal

    Aging meat

    How long have you aged some meat?  I'm do'n this bag deal and I've read where people will go 35-42(iirc).    Just curious.  I've watched that episode too many times, but I'm a big AB fan.   Any pix?   
  20. bigal

    Lake Trout, Walley and Norther Pike

    Dear Lord that looks fantastic!!!  Trout and walleye, gotta be good no matter what.  I've never had pike. Where did you hook into these?  W. Neb has about as much fish'n as w. KS.  Ya gotta sweet spot in CO? Great pix of some great look'n fish!