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  1. adjwis

    How soon should I trim a brisket?

    Greetings to my Smoking Brethren! I'm cooking a brisket for a company lunch this coming Monday and I'm wondering how far ahead I should trim and rub it. I know there are varying philosophies relating to prepping and smoking meat so I'll take all the advice anyone is kind enough to offer. Thanks...
  2. adjwis

    UDS Paint Jobs

    I used regular old Rustoleum on my American flag UDS. Since I don't smoke over 275 degree temp isn't an issue. Aside from enduring a Wisconsin winter my UDS is still in pretty good shape. God Bless!
  3. adjwis

    UDS Paint Jobs

    Sorry for the delay responding Dbl Gman. After drilling all the holes for the 3/4" nipples, ball valves, and bolts for the grate support I started by priming the drum.  After the primer was dry I added two coats of Rustoleum Gloss White. I used regular old Rustoleum High Gloss 2x paint. In...
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  10. adjwis

    UDS Paint Jobs

    Here's my first UDS!
  11. UDS Paint Jobs

    UDS Paint Jobs

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  13. My First UDS Happy Memorial Day - Part 2

    My First UDS Happy Memorial Day - Part 2

  14. adjwis

    My First UDS Happy Memorial Day - Part 2

    Being a newbie I wasn't sure how to post a pic. Just figured it out.
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  16. adjwis

    My First UDS....Happy Memorial Day!

    A few months ago I purchased my bare drum and thought about how I wanted to paint it after I did all the prep work. I decided that even though our country is experiencing some speed bumps with an out of control government and other turmoil we still live in the greatest country ever to exist on...
  17. adjwis

    Best Method for Burning Drum

    Greetings BMaddox, When I purchased my drum I told them I was making a UDS. They told me their drums are refurbished food grade drums and it appears as though it's already been sandblasted. I do know it has no liner so I plan to burn it anyway. I can use the extra cash I save on the ball...
  18. adjwis

    Best Method for Burning Drum

    Thanks FWI... The drum I purchased doesn't have a liner of any sort nor is it painted on the outside. I'll burn it after I get the holes drilled and will save some $$$ and only use one (1) ball valve. Thanks again! Happy Smokin' Doc
  19. adjwis

    Best Method for Burning Drum

    Greetings to all you veteran smokers! I am in the process of building my first UDS and purchased a refurbished food grade drum. What is the best method for burning a drum? I suspect it's advisable to burn a drum no matter if it's "food" grade or not. Also what's the reason for the 3/4" steel...