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  1. tomolu5

    Tapa talk search feature not working

    Im not sure if this is a tapa talk issue, or site issue, or one that nobody really cares about. Just thought I would mention it, as tapa talk is my preferred way to cruise. Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk
  2. tomolu5

    My latest mod

    its in a two car garage, so the smoke that gets out disapates well enough, but I do have plans to in a small exhaust fan, which will serve triple duty(smoker smoke, paint fumes and such, and also cigar smoke when I'm puffin down there Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk
  3. tomolu5

    Cheese in masterbuilt smokehouse? Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk
  4. tomolu5

    Cheese in masterbuilt smokehouse?

    Arkinsawer, let that cheese mellow for at least one month. The smoke flavor will subside tenfold. I find this to be true no matter what kind of smoke/cheese is being used. A member by the name of Mr. T did a write up on it, I will see if I can find the link. Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk
  5. tomolu5

    My latest mod

    I've been dragging my feet about doing this, but finally got around to it. I used 3" galvanized pipe, and just bent tabs on the bottom to create a spot foe the magnets to hold it down. The pipe runs into an unused chimney. I wanted the magnets so I could remove it easily to use the smoker...
  6. tomolu5

    smoked TACOS final TACO photos

    Mmmmmm, absolute vodka Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk 2
  7. tomolu5

    Morel Mushroom Throwdown...???

    Looks awesome, I'd love to try the recipe out, got a bag of em at home to make something out of. Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk 2
  8. tomolu5

    One more "Mail Box Mod" for the AMNPS and the MES30 ...NEW PICTURES FOR ATTACHING ELBOW TO MAILBOX

    Here's mine, just did it the other day, the only way to fly with an amnps. I used a grinder to cut the air intake at the same level as the Amnps, so the air will draw right across the embers, helping to keep it lit Many thanks Jeff Tom
  9. tomolu5

    AMazen Problem

    I had the same troubles... with some pellets. I just did a mailbox mod, and so far so good. I always used a blow torch, not the little pin torch that comes with the kit, but a big one, and blow on them like mentioned, but the damn thing would still go out. On my mailbox I current the air slot so...
  10. tomolu5

    Think I just saved my smoke

    Yeah, I had some evidence of that! It did get the job done though. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on a mailbox mod today, that's the only way to roll with an Amnps, Todd should make it a package! Many thanks Jeff Tom
  11. tomolu5

    Think I just saved my smoke

    I think I just saved my smoke. I've had some beef jerky marinating in the fridge for a week now, and today was the day to smoke it. I've been fine tuning my recipe and 6 hours of cold smoke seems to be key. I went to light my Amnps today, only to realize I was out of propane. Since it's easter...
  12. tomolu5

    Ham is pork, so is bacon...

    Well, there goes my plans for the day Many thanks Jeff Tom
  13. tomolu5

    Turkey at 130 in 2.5 hours - I think I just ruined Easter....

    It won't hurt a thing if it finishes an hour or two early, in fact I would shoot for a one hour rest. Just pull it when its done, wrap with foil, then towels, and then put it in a cooler. What temp do you plan to go to? Turkey should be around 170, so you have a ways to go. Many thanks Jeff Tom
  14. tomolu5

    Toms angry grinder build, heavy build view!!!

    Been kicking an idea around about making a fiberglass throat, no real need for a pan on top though. the hole that you drop the meat in is large enough that its not too inconvenient to reach for the meat. A longer throat would make it possible to force feed meat into it for a second grind. Many...
  15. tomolu5

    Toms angry grinder build, heavy build view!!!

    It may be a touch overkill :D Many thanks Jeff Tom
  16. tomolu5

    Toms angry grinder build, heavy build view!!!

    Finished realigning it today, and it sits better than ever now. I had to grind .0905" from the rear feet and now it looks happy. Added a little touch so I never need to hunt for an Allen wrench Many thanks Jeff Tom
  17. tomolu5

    A Bear From Log to Finish (Picture Heavy)

    Bear Those things are amazing, that astounds me, love them all! Many thanks Jeff Tom
  18. tomolu5

    Talk me into it or out of it

    I say go for it, nothing better than kicking back with a cigar, a cold drink and the smells coming out of that smoker. I would do the entity level mods, and start out the same way most of us did with electrics, a fatty, or something else cheap! Then start making rings on briskets! Many thanks...
  19. tomolu5

    How do you smoke your steaks?

    I second the crowd on the reverse sear. J personally cook them in my mes30 at about 200 to 100it. I am then let them rest for 15 minutes or so, and on to a screaming hot grill(or skillet) for about a minute per side. Comes out nice and rare for a 1&1/4" thick steak. If I had a steak any thinner...
  20. tomolu5


    Forgot to mention, its a quick easy smoke too! Many thanks Jeff Tom