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  1. checkdude

    Spalla Cruda....The Reveal!

    Wow just wow! So incredible. You make the most awesome salamis ever. I dabbled a bit in this process but I'm miles behind you. I sure enjoy reading your journey and hope that something will sink in and help me to get better. Thank you.
  2. checkdude

    Champion juicer for emulsifying. Wow!

    Thank you. I'll give it a go.
  3. checkdude

    Champion juicer for emulsifying. Wow!

    Hi. I know this is old post but can you elaborate on how you sharpen the cone teeth? What type of file did you use? Like others I bought mine used and feel it could use help.thank you .vince.
  4. checkdude

    Sausagefest 2024 - What are your favorite sausages?

    Hi all. For me it's going to be boudin also. Love the stuff! The problem is selecting the next few- I just like them all and can't decide lol. Help I'm addicted !
  5. checkdude

    Just Another Meatloaf

    Great looking meal, I do love meatloaf. Must be one of my most favorite meals. Thinking back I don't do them in the smoker often enough.
  6. checkdude

    Ruby ale

    Darn that looks so tasty! I got away from making beer many years ago and switched to wine making. That there is tempting me to start again. Thanks for sharing.
  7. checkdude

    Boneless & Stuffed Chicken Wings

    Great idea bet it tasted outstanding. I too would be all over it. Live wings! Thanks for sharing your method.
  8. checkdude


    That looks so good! It's going on my never ending list. BUT it's going to the front of the line. Thanks for sharing your recipe and process.
  9. checkdude

    Bacon - My Turn

    That looks excellent! As it happens I Smoked 13 lbs. Canadian bacon yesterday. Its resting in the fridge for couple days before slicing. Have yet to use pork belly for my wife insists the fat bad for you! NOT I say back. Your's looks great.
  10. checkdude

    BOUDIN!! 70#.....Long, lots of pics...

    Absolutely awesome! I have followed your process few times before and love the result. Always make sure I have a good supply in the freezer since I usually have a link or two for lunch two or three times a week. Thanks for sharing your experience with us all. I for one always enjoy reading your...
  11. checkdude

    GIVEAWAY for Canada--INKBIRD Wireless WiFi Meat Thermometer IBBQ-4T

    Thank you for this wonderful offer. I have one now several years old but a great product. Please put me down for a chance to win a A-1 thermometer.
  12. checkdude

    Traditional mozzarella

    Looks so good! I wanted to try making cheese seem like forever, even got a starter kit last year but haven't got the courage to try. One day lol!
  13. checkdude

    Hello form Alberta!

    Welcome from winnipeg manitoba. Great group of people here.
  14. checkdude

    Smoked Chicken meatloaf

    Damn that's looking! Love a meatloaf but for some strange reason never made it with chicken. Thanks for sharing. Now I GOT to make this. It's at the top of the list for supper this weekend. Thanks again for the inspiration.
  15. checkdude

    Poor Mans Soup (Hamburger soup)

    Very nice indeed! I love a bowl of soup anytime . Have a bunch of chicken bones saved up and plan to make chicken noodle soup tomorrow. Your's looks great.
  16. checkdude

    First time Speck and bacon

    Watching this. Love speck but haven't tried to make it yet. Please post your comments and receipe. Good luck.
  17. checkdude

    OMG Its cold!

    I wish! Woke up this morning, had coffee and went to the off leash park with my 2 dogs. Brisk walk at -25 C. 1 1/2hrs. Was enough. Time for another hot coffee.
  18. checkdude

    Shrimp Étouffée...

    Sure looks awesome! Wife loves shrimp so once in a while I try to create something different for her. I'll give yours a go probably this weekend. Hope I do it justice. Thanks for sharing.
  19. checkdude


    That's a beauty! Seen it on the show also. It's very tempting.
  20. checkdude

    I have never made salt pork

    Would it be something like lardo ? Am definitely interested. Please post your results.