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  1. agoude

    Rain Shelter

    Who has pictures of an outside weatherproof setup? I swear every time I smoke it rains and the canopy just doesn’t cut it with the thunderstorms in NC. Thanks! Pic just for fun.
  2. agoude

    Baby Backs

    I’d say that’s a pretty good day!
  3. agoude

    Baby Backs

    Did a quick dry rub with my favorite sweet heat rub after some morning soccer games with my boys. Used some jack daniel oak barrel chips in the masterbuilt and just letting it roll until it hits close to 195, then I’ll finish with some sauce I have on the stove either on the grill or oven...
  4. agoude

    MES 30 Terrible Smoke Flavor

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll run it this evening and burn that off.
  5. agoude

    MES 30 Terrible Smoke Flavor

    The wife ate it as well, she shared the same thoughts. I had a similar thought around my current batch of chips, I may toss and replace just to be safe. Thanks for the feedback. I'm sure its an experiment to get the right amount of chips for preference, I'll keep a note on that as I move forward.
  6. agoude

    MES 30 Terrible Smoke Flavor

    I did season it for 3 hours with dry chips in the last 45 minutes, however, I didn't remove the internals and clean them prior to using it. I did go out this evening with just a wet cloth and wipe everything down real good and washed the racks in soapy water.
  7. agoude

    MES 30 Terrible Smoke Flavor

    So I moved on from my WSM and just bought a MES 30, 135S to be exact, based on my research here it may be a hybrid unit? Regardless, I've done 2 smokes both came out looking great and juicy but had a not so great smoke profile. I used apple wood, dry chips, the first time on Salmon and it came...
  8. agoude

    Pumpkin Picking to Rib Smoking

    Sweet but good.
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  10. agoude

    Full smoker Saturday

    Wow, here I am Smoking a single rack of ribs lol. Looks great!
  11. agoude

    Pumpkin Picking to Rib Smoking

    Yea I'm sure. Probably something you should stock up on when they go on sale.
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  16. Pumpkin Picking to Rib Smoking

    Pumpkin Picking to Rib Smoking

  17. agoude

    Pumpkin Picking to Rib Smoking

    Started the day off with a trip to the pumpkin patch with the family. Then fired up the smoker. First try at ribs, just a single rack of back ribs. Cut in half to fit the WSM 14. More updates to come! Update 1: Homemade spray bottle 1 hr 15 min in. Quick soak. 2hr 10 min in...
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