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  1. jamesb

    Four rack or six rack Bradly smoker

    I personally have an issue with the Bradley. I just can't get over the proprietary fuel source... If your set on that particular smoker, I'd go with the biggest one they sell.
  2. jamesb

    My 1st attempt at belly bacon

    Thanks again folks. It was fun and I can't wait to give bacon another go with all the additional info that I've picked up along the way. I had 5 pieces to work with. I cured all of them with the same concoction of MTQ, pepper and sugar. 2 pieces I added maple syrup to them along with the base...
  3. jamesb

    Singapore Daily Photos

    That looks intersting... Never had it before. You sure your going to be able to get that past customs?
  4. jamesb

    New to me Slicer

    Great slicer! Better price...
  5. jamesb

    My 1st attempt at belly bacon

    Since there seems to be a good amount of talk about bacon lately, I thought I would show ya what I did about a month ago. When shopping at the local Mexican Market, I saw fresh pork bellys in the meat case... Had to give it a try, so I picked up 10lbs of it. Looked around the net and various...
  6. jamesb

    no need to worry about flaking fish...

    Clean, hot, oiled grates and don't move the fish until ready to flip... No sticky... Clean and hot are the keys here and you have no skin stuck to the grate to scrape off later.
  7. jamesb

    My UDS is done

    I hadn't thought of that... Good idea!
  8. jamesb

    My UDS is done

    Nice looking UDS! If you added a couple more tabs you wouldn't need the re-bar... The grates themselfs can support a pretty good load. As for burn times, I can get all night burns on ~10lbs of Kingsford. Longest burn was over 24 hrs last summer on a single load.
  9. jamesb

    A Rig you Guys Will Love

    Cool rig! I'd be concerned about those axe handles though... They look neat, but I can see the wood shrinking or cracking and then working loose from the axe head at the worst possible time...
  10. jamesb

    Singapore Daily Photos

    Hey dude. I spent 20 years in the airline IT business and had the great opportunity to travel the world... Hit Singapore about 10 times and loved it... If you can, hook up with a local and have them take you to their local haunts. Great food and very interesting folks off the beaten path. Enjoy...
  11. jamesb

    My dad gave me this....

    That's a cool grill and a great gift from your Dad!
  12. jamesb

    Your Opinion Please...

    Opps. Guess I need to read a bit closer.
  13. jamesb

    A little Thursday night cooking

    A friend of a friend actually, and sadly, this cook was for a funeral reception/celebration of life thing for the family of a young man who was a shooting victim here in town. Received some very fine reports on the food though. They had roughly 250 folks show up. Even got several requests to...
  14. jamesb

    5 different sausages (Lotsa Pics)

    Your first wurst session looks might good!!! I use the sharpies, but I also use the food saver bags with the label area. Gotta get out the stuffer soon and make some sausage myself. I've always made fresh sausages too, but I think I'm read for some cured and smoked varieties.
  15. jamesb

    A little Thursday night cooking

    Thanks folks... I could do that every weekend and be a happy camper! No BBQ sauce on the ribs. That's just the rub I put on 'em and smoke :) For ribs, I trim to St. Louie, remove the flap and membrane from the backside, rub and on the pit until they pass the bend test. No foil until they come...
  16. jamesb

    Cheesy Chile Gravy Beer Can Chicken Enchiladas

    Looks great! Loves me some enchiladas!
  17. jamesb

    Space between tuning plates and lower rack

    As much distance as you can get and still have decent airflow below the plate. Too close the the bottom rack and you going to get a lot of radiant heat from the plate and will need to rotate the meat. My reverse flow pit has about 6" between plate and grate and I wish there was a little more...
  18. jamesb

    Beefy Weekend....................;}-

    Looks like a good time!
  19. jamesb

    A little Thursday night cooking

    Wow, it's tough trying to decide which category to post this in. Hope this one is OK. Actually did this on Thursday night, but can't seem to edit the thread title... Had some fun yesterday and last night. Friend of a friend needed some food cooked up. Last minute, urgent request kind of deal...
  20. jamesb

    Your Opinion Please...

    Seems might steep. I can find a tank that size around here for about $40. If that's all you can find in your area, your options may be limited. Have you checked Craigslist?