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  1. unclebubbas bbq

    I am out of here

    You can't fix stupid or stop haters from hating Chris, but you are right!
  2. unclebubbas bbq

    Double Fire Box Smoker

    Check out They sell plans and can assist you on your build
  3. unclebubbas bbq

    Fall Apart Brisket This is one that Jeff previously done
  4. unclebubbas bbq

    New member from CT

    Welcome from Rocky Hill, CT
  5. unclebubbas bbq

    Baffle plate alternatives Check out this link. There are two basic methods as you will see. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative purchase steel plates approx 1/8" x 4", maybe 5 or 6, adjust the width by sliding them back in forth. The closer to the firebox the...
  6. unclebubbas bbq

    Politics page

    I already take offense that you want it just for paying members. This website was founded on like minded individuals coming together to share their knowledge and experiences in smoking meat. I contribute plenty! I may not posts pictures of of the chicken & veggies I had for dinner last night but...
  7. unclebubbas bbq

    Smoker suggestions around $1K?

    My son has one and he loves it. It has 4 times the capacity of a drum style or WSM smoker. You add wood chunks to it just like a drum smoker and there is no problem getting smoke onto your meat. It is extra but buy the charcoal pan for it. You set it up like the snake method and you can get a...
  8. unclebubbas bbq

    Smoker suggestions around $1K?

    The Assassin 36 has my vote. It can be used as a grill or a smoker and does an amazing job
  9. unclebubbas bbq

    200 litre / 53 gallon Tank

    If you cut approximately 1/3 rd of it off you can use that portion as your fire box and the 2/3 rds of it becomes the cooking chamber
  10. unclebubbas bbq

    200 litre / 53 gallon Tank Why don't you try and build something that looks like this instead of a round offset
  11. unclebubbas bbq

    Outdoor kitchen ideas?

    These we a couple I found on the internet, pintrest has some great ideas too
  12. unclebubbas bbq

    Which materials to make offset smoker

    Why a round one, so many options out there, you can build one similar to Lone Star the net there are so many styles and ways to build smokers your head can explode! Vertical smokers, offsets, reverse flow, ugly drums, oil tanks.....ect
  13. unclebubbas bbq


    I have had my 680 for 6 years with no problems. I love it but check out Lone Star Grilz, there pellet smoker looks amazing. They have taken the best from every brand out there and combined it. Check it out on You Tube
  14. unclebubbas bbq

    As good as they claim?

    The material is a resin impregnated paper product, thermally fused and baked to hardness. It is food safe but not sure how bad it will beat up a knife edge. I guess it would depend on the knife steel. I was shocked at the price
  15. unclebubbas bbq

    Show Yourself

    My son and I roasting a pig back in 2018
  16. unclebubbas bbq

    Homemade Vortex?

    Then I would go with the mixing bowl route
  17. unclebubbas bbq

    Homemade Vortex?

    $25 on Amazon, next day delivery
  18. unclebubbas bbq


    I bought a elcheapo brinkman to smoke some bluefish, hell I threw a couple of logs on top of a full pan of charcoal and smoked out the neighborhood, along with my wife's lunch party she was throwing for the girl's that day. The fish came out extra crispy and looked more like the charcoal I used...
  19. unclebubbas bbq

    Big Nor'easter coming

    You guys got spared this time but I know all too much how bad you have it near the lake. It starts in October and is done in April
  20. unclebubbas bbq

    Big Nor'easter coming

    we are looking 16" +/- here in Connecticut