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  1. tjdeerslayer37

    Freezing summer sausage

    First real run in this smokehouse, and id say its a success. Used the recipe from kutas' book. Added some sharp cheddar to some. Might have gone too fine on the grind but its tasty
  2. tjdeerslayer37

    Freezing summer sausage

    Thanks guys! Firing up the smoke house shortly 👍🏼
  3. tjdeerslayer37

    Freezing summer sausage

    Making a big batch of summer sausage tomorrow and planning on vac packing and freezing afterwards. So my question is peel the casing before freezing and packing or after thawing before eating? Maybe it doesn't matter... My instinct is to freeze it in the casings and peel when ready to eat
  4. tjdeerslayer37

    Building Cedar Smokehouse Need help with heat source

    This is impressive! I just might have to steal this design, might make it a bit smaller but the same idea.