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  1. smokeyg

    BBQ meat temp chart

    Thanks Cliff!  That looks great and is a good reference
  2. smokeyg

    BBQ meat temp chart

    Dutch &NivekD - Thanks so much for your helpful posts.  Love it.  There are a lot of reference guides out there but I like to get an idea of what others within the community are using.  Thanks for your helpful responses.  Dutch, Is there any Utah Smoking competitions that I'm unaware of ?
  3. smokeyg

    BBQ meat temp chart

    I'm searching to find (or make) an awesome reference guide for ready temps of all BBQ food.  Could someone post one up?
  4. smokeyg

    Brisket Q-view heavy ...

    very nice.  Looks great :D
  5. smokeyg

    Escaping smoke issue

    DaveMoak, Here is a few pics of yesterday smoke. you can see smoke escaping on the side of the tall silo.  Here are some more pictures that give a better idea of whats going on :  Now seeing after pix, what would you recommend?  -G
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  9. smokeyg

    Good afernoon from a smoking grandma!

    Grandmas are the best.  Especially ones who smoke 
  10. smokeyg

    Howdy from Central Texas!

  11. smokeyg

    oklahoma joe's smoker?

    I have an old old old Oklahoma Joe.  Its connected to a trailer and I LOVE IT.
  12. smokeyg

    Escaping smoke issue

    Thanks yall! I'll look into some high temp sealant.  I'll take your advice and run it a few more weekends before I make the decision. I did use a wire brush on the inside edges of the door and chamber and I think it did help a bit.  It allowed the door to close a little bit more. Here is a...
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  16. smokeyg

    Escaping smoke issue

    Hey all, I'd like to get a little advice on what I should do to my rig. Here is a little history... I bought it used, cleaned it out well because there was a good 5 inches of grease build up in the bottom and painted it.  I ordered new thermometers and plan on fixing up the trailer that is...
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  19. smokeyg

    Hello from South Dakota!

    Very cool!  Welcome.  I still have a spiral ham *work Christmas bonus* that I need to cook up.  Thanks for reminding me!
  20. smokeyg

    Smoking in Salt Lake City

    Howdy all! I just bought a Oklahoma Joe's smoker and fixed it up.  I pulled out about 20+ years of gunk out of the bottom and sanded it down and painted.  I am really excited to apply the second coat of paint tomorrow and smoke the spiral ham that has been in my freezer since Christmas. I'm...