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  1. dlr1

    Where in NC are you hailing from?

    smokinclt, you're not far from my area, I'm over in Stonehaven.
  2. dlr1

    Would you buy this WSM 18.5" for $150.00 Need opinions

    Get it, that little bit of rust on the vent can be sanded and oiled and the grates can be replaced pretty cheap other than that it looks good. The outside of it was either cleaned really good or this thing was hardly used.
  3. dlr1

    Traeger Texas and questions about a London Broil

    We jus tpicked up a Traeger Texas a couple of weeks ago and my wife would like me to do a London broil on it. I'm not to familiar and still learning this cooker so any tips tricks comments and most important time and temps for the Broil would be nice. Thanks
  4. dlr1

    2nd Annual North Carolina Smokers Gathering April 26th, 27th and 28th 2013 (Now with lots of pix)

    Well there really is no good excuse for someone that lives as close to this gathering as I do to have missed it except for just being to lazy to get off my duff and go,  Looks like ya'll had a fantastic time with lots of good eats and maybe I'll get my rear in gear and make it next year. Oh and...
  5. dlr1

    Question about refridgerated storage

    Well I guess it only appropriate to check back and let you all know I'm still alive. The hot sauce turned out good so good I have made 2 batches since the original post. I still intend to learn how to properly store for long term. Here is a pic of the last jar of sauce, I take a couple of 5 oz...
  6. Habanero sauce1.jpg

    Habanero sauce1.jpg

  7. Question about refridgerated storage

    Question about refridgerated storage

  8. dlr1

    First attempt at pulled pork and need some help

    Well lets see if I can give ya a hand, what kind of thermometer are you using a dial or digital not that it matters I guess because I put mine in when the meat goes on, if foiling I will pull the probe then stick it back in after wrapping, now some may say the juice will leak out and maybe cause...
  9. dlr1

    Should I "season" my brand new Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker?

    Most owners will tell you the best way to season that thing is with a couple of big ol butts. They have been known to run a tad hot the first few cooks, it took mine the better part of the Summer to get enough build up on the walls to make the temp control unbelievably easy. What size did you...
  10. dlr1

    Question about refridgerated storage

    Chef, first off thanks for that little rule of thumb, it had crossed my mind to just do it and get it over with but for some anal reason I thought maybe leaving little bits the way I did would some how help enhance the flavor before blending, yeh I know pretty goofy huh, it's still the same...
  11. dlr1

    Question about refridgerated storage

    Thanks Mr.T, I went back through some of the places I have stored in my favorites since I started this quest and sure as shootin I misread the info, that, like I said is why I ask.
  12. dlr1

    Question about refridgerated storage

    Craig --- I like the simplicity of that procedure, This is a fermentation process isn't it and it doesn't require some form of starter. Considering the amount of salt used it it really salty tasting or does it mellow out some? Will I know if my hot sauce has crossed over to the dark side before...
  13. dlr1

    Question about refridgerated storage

    Thanks a million for all your input, I do realize the importance of properly canned and preserved foods and I probably will invest more on getting the proper equipment but I really wanted to find a good recipe for hot sauce before I do that's why I was trying to find out as much as I could about...
  14. dlr1

    Question about refridgerated storage

    Thats why I'm asking questions, one article I read said if you're using a vinegar based solution as part of your preserving process that a hot bath would probably be alright. Heck I've read some articles that mention just using salt and vinegar and leaving everything sit on a counter but at...
  15. dlr1

    Question about refridgerated storage

    Thanks, so am I on the right track though for short term storage of small batches of sauce, I'm hoping to get the rest of the stuff for hot water bathing but because I depend on the generousity of others for my veggies and stuff I don't want to go over board if I can keep it simple
  16. dlr1

    Question about refridgerated storage

    Craig... the recipe itself is somewhat mine ,it's based on other recipes I've read as for the actual instructions for preserving, they are from various sources such as hot pepper sites and other related forums which most have stated that short term storage in the refridgerator for a few months...
  17. dlr1

    Question about refridgerated storage

    I'm beginning to think that the people with the answer are maybe all to sick to reply ...
  18. dlr1

    Question about refridgerated storage

    so I've been doing a lot of reading about making and storing hot sauce and all of the canning and preserving process involved, so much that it makes me blury eyed sometimes, but they all seem to be involved with really long term storage like a year or longer so I was wondering if I want to keep...
  19. dlr1

    I've been cheating on SMF...

    K.A.M. does some really fine work, he's kind of like Yoda to the builders at the Ring, the man does definately know his stuff..
  20. dlr1

    Habanero Sauce

    I agree as well about leaving in the seeds and membranes that is where the heat is. You could look for a habanero extract which can be right costly or try making your own which seems time consuming and uses a lot of peppers to make a small batch but the result will be pure heat in a small dose.