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  1. flg8rfan

    Meat slice recommendations for home use

    Thats not a post I needed to see with Christmas around the corner smokinal ;-) I'm up in Gainesville, if it's still available after thanksgiving I might need to make a trip!
  2. flg8rfan

    Deep fried or Smoked Turkey?

    We do both every year, sometimes the fried dissappears faster, sometimes the smoked does. I typically smoke two birds and then fry 4 or 5. My wife had never had either until we got married, I smoked one one year (she thought I was crazy smoking a turkey), she was done with turkeys in the oven...
  3. flg8rfan

    New member from Florida

    I've been reading this forum for years, it's mainly how I learned I've been smoking poorly for decades. First smoker was your basic Brinkman Charcoal unit, for Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys only.  Next was a Brinkman electric (loved not having to wake up 4 times during the night to add...