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  1. bauchjw

    Gringo Chile Rellenos

    It’s been a long journey that I’ve been planning on posting in a long thread soon. Moved from Virginia to California and back to Virginia last year, now we’re moving to Iowa🫤 Long, strange journey!
  2. bauchjw

    Gringo Chile Rellenos

    Its been a while, but your quality and amazing cooks are as incredible as ever!
  3. bauchjw

    Dry Aged Beef Brisket

    Awesome! Epic as always! Congrats on a well deserved ride!
  4. bauchjw

    First Smoke on our new reverse flow smoker!

    Ryan! Brother, what an awesome cook and new rig! Well deserved ride! Joel is a craftsman and you are definitely putting his work to good use! That meal looks perfect! I feel so happy to see your newest addition!
  5. bauchjw

    Cleveland BBQ-- Kielbasa

    You are a crazy artist! Looks amazing, awesome work!
  6. bauchjw

    Burger Brawl Voting Poll....Some Amazing Entries!! (Pretty Long)

    Great looking entries! All looked incredible to me and it was difficult to pick one to vote for! I know from experience how hard it is to get one of these together and I appreciate your efforts!
  7. bauchjw

    Jed Came To Visit: Beef Tenderloin On His New Grill (Pics)

    Roberts grill will be getting a lot of attention on my patio, it’s absolutely amazing craftsmanship! But on the trip I had to keep it secure and hidden in the bed of the truck so it didn’t walk away! That’s my old house I’ve been renting out. I have to sell it to get family a new house. This...
  8. bauchjw

    Jed Came To Visit: Beef Tenderloin On His New Grill (Pics)

    I did! BelFab did awesome on the whole trip. It’s a conversation piece at the truck stops!
  9. bauchjw

    Jed Came To Visit: Beef Tenderloin On His New Grill (Pics)

    Thank you @tx smoker for being such an incredibly generous host and for your amazing craftsmanship. It’s been a long cross country trip from D.C. to Oceanside, but I finally made it. I could’ve made it earlier, but stopped to see my sister in Albequerque and for some fun at Lake Havasu to see...
  10. bauchjw

    Asian Spicy Pork Jerky

    Looks awesome! Those wouldn’t last long here!
  11. bauchjw

    First Picanha

    Awesome! Great cook! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! The first couple cuts I did on mine were with the grain too😆 Luckily I caught it and switched! I’d also trimmed off all fat, next time I’ll leave some on. But awesome plate, fancy😆 Points!
  12. bauchjw

    College bound!

    Looks like the perfect Frat food! Great work, have fun!!!!
  13. bauchjw

    Just Sharing…

    Beautiful! Thank you for posting! It would be a cool hobby to get into!
  14. bauchjw

    Vortex Pork Steak

    Looks awesome to me! Great meal! Vortex & kettles rule!
  15. bauchjw

    Cassette tapes

    Oh man! I'll look around when Im home again! Jake's recommendation is what I was initially going to say, but you can also find them at thrift stores, our local Goodwill has a large cassette and VHS collection. I'll take a peek in there to see next time. So cool your granddaughter is into the...
  16. bauchjw

    Piedmontese Picanha Gift

    Thank you Ray! No worries, haha, I get caught up and miss a lot too! There is so many great posts here that it could could be a full time job tracking everything SMF has to offer. I appreciate your time and the compliment!
  17. bauchjw

    Piedmontese Picanha Gift

    You are a generous friend Sir and I look forward to someday being able to pay you back. That is a very special memory and meal you made possible and it means a lot. That meat is absolutely incredible. I trimmed it down out of habit, but next time will leave some fat on, I think the additional...
  18. bauchjw

    The Morning Grind!

    Looks like you are all set for a bit! Good luck on the surgery, Ive had to do both shoulders and it made a huge difference after the recovery! You'll be in our prayers!
  19. bauchjw

    Couple of Kettle Cooks

    Nice cook! Looking really tasty! Thank you for sharing!
  20. bauchjw

    Returning after a long hiatus

    Welcome back from Virginia! I had a bit of a break myself around the same time. Its been good to be back! Can't wait to see your new smoker and cooks!