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  1. jsf0656

    portable pellet smokers

    the portable pellet smokers all have great reviews. i like the sear function on the pitt boss. thanks for all the help!
  2. jsf0656

    portable pellet smokers

    i have a table on the patio that i could put the portable pellet smoker on and i dont intend to be rolling it around. it will stay in the same place all the time. we would only use it for steaks, hamburgers....basically small items for the wife and i. i was hoping to put it on my table. i...
  3. jsf0656

    portable pellet smokers

    thank you so much. we will look at that!
  4. jsf0656

    portable pellet smokers

    wife and i are 70 yrs old and wanted to purchase a portable smoker since it is just the wife and i so i thought that would just be perfect for us. we would keep it on our back pato under a shelter. we were looking at the pitt boss table top pellet smoker. wanted to get others thoughts. thanks
  5. jsf0656

    smoke hollow 30162EW

    I gave up my masterbuilt electric bullet smoker to my new smoke hollow 30162EW and so far I really like it. I done baby back ribs and a boston butt and going to do another boston butt next weekend for the start of college football weekend. the thermometer is pretty accurate much better than...
  6. jsf0656

    charbroil electric smoker

    i like the thermostat control. easy to adjust temp and the chips smoke good. the temp guage seems to be pretty good but i'm still thinking about adding another guage down lower than the one that came with it just to compare...... temp guage seems pretty accurate and thermostat maintains...
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  10. jsf0656

    charbroil electric smoker

    i replaced the magnetic latch with a simple steel window lock and added a steel handle to the wood chip box...... i like it so far. i added a steel handle to the wood chip box to add more chips quickly during the smoke and minimize heat and smoke loss.
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  14. jsf0656

    charbroil electric smoker

    some pics of the charbroil electric smoker.............
  15. charbroil electric smoker

    charbroil electric smoker

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  19. jsf0656

    charbroil electric smoker

    i bought a charbroil electric smoker with the thermostat dial from freds for a pretty good price i couldnt pass up. the thermostat dial worked great. maintained temp very well. well insulated and temp guage was pretty accurate. since the temp guage is at the top of the smoking chamber i was...
  20. jsf0656

    Char-Broil vertical charcoal split door smoker??

    well, i just ordered the brinkmann vertical split door smoker from amazon for the same price as walmart! i've enjoyed my brinkmann gourmet electric but i miss the charcoal challenges that i will have and the learning process that goes along with it. plus the refrigerator type doors will be alot...