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  1. reflect

    wrapping brisket: how is the bark?

    Well, I did a foil run. Not bad on taste and the smoke ring. Was a little too soggy. The point was more like pulled. The flat was a nice pencil width slice. Next time I will try butchers paper. Que view.....
  2. reflect

    wrapping brisket: how is the bark?

    Thank you all for the input. Much appreciated.
  3. reflect

    wrapping brisket: how is the bark?

    Been smoking for a while. I am debating trying wrapping after partial cook. My ONLY question is: How is the bark?
  4. reflect

    General off set questions

    Basic offset. Doing some mods... Heat bricks to keep heat standard from one end to the other. Do I just buy some red bricks at the store? Heat baffle between firebox and smoke chamber. What do people use and how do you mount it? Dryer tubing from bottom of smoke stack down to the grate. How...
  5. reflect

    Brinkman good buy on this?

    I posted this in the lounge and then it hit me I should have posted here..... What mods if any would this need or is it good to smoke as is? I have owned offsets prior but never  Brinkman.
  6. reflect

    Good buy and what mods?

    What mods if any would this need or is it good to smoke as is? I have owned offsets prior but never  Brinkman.
  7. reflect

    Questions involving cooking for others / events

    Most states ask that you cook on site to be legal.
  8. reflect

    Onions (and other stuff) in my water pan

    Wouldn't you have to seperate out the fat that drips down in the water tray?
  9. reflect

    22.5 Weber Smokey Mountain

    I heard a while back you do NOT want to use hot tap water. It has a different flow being the hot water tank. They told me sediment is introduced a lot of times. Not sure if it is true or not so I always start with cold water tap and heat it up on the stove. Sort of think this might support it...
  10. reflect

    How many years have you been smoking?

    Been smoking 5 years now and going strong :).
  11. reflect

    Bradley Smokin' Indian Sweepstakes

    Hey I have a special in...I owned a Bradley once lol. So I will post Q view pix with the new ride lol ;). No hard feelings lol.
  12. reflect

    Broke the WSM in today :) QView

    Thanks all!!! I have to say I like this one the best out of all the ones I have tried. Can't wait to try some brisket and a butt.
  13. reflect

    Broke the WSM in today :) QView

    Well it was a gusty day starting out with 25-45 MPH winds that died out later on. I did two racks of baby backs that I had prepped the day before. I ended up doing one wet and one dry just to see how the WSM did. All went easy and well. Had a few beers :). I did baked beans the lazy way. Some...
  14. reflect

    New WSM :) and question

    That's what I wanted to hear. Thank you, Brian
  15. reflect

    New WSM :) and question

    Hi, My new WSM, large one, arrived Friday late afternoon. I wont get a chance to really put it together until Monday :(. Can't wait. I did have a question about an eyelet kit I came across for temp probes. Does it lose a lot of heat through the holes that you put in the sides of the smoker...
  16. reflect

    Poll do you foil your ribs & butts???

    Only foil I use is in the resting period in the cooler.
  17. reflect

    Ribs and WSM

    Well mind is now made up and all questions answered. Unfortunately I can not seem to find one in town. I don't want to order it and wait. I want to smoke a brisket tomorrow damnit lol.
  18. reflect

    Ribs and WSM

    Also i now see there are two different model numbers??????????? 731001 and 8280??????? Sorry for all the questions lol.
  19. reflect

    Ribs and WSM

    Another question after reading for the 22 inch model ONLY.... Can you get it stable at 225 or do you seem to hang at 275?
  20. reflect

    Ribs and WSM

    I used sand in my GOSM instead of water and it worked great. I read that people foil the entire WSM bowl and don't put anything in it. Next question, I see the 22 has two cooking grates. Big difference in temps from lower to upper?