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  1. packplantpath

    Strange sunflower in garden this year

    Should be interesting to see how it looks next year. Sunflowers don't come true to seed (obviously) so if you plant seeds from it, you could get darn near anything, depending on what the pollen donor plant looked like. Good luck.
  2. packplantpath

    Difference between Picnic and Butt....

    Well, being a native of NC, the best pulled pork comes when you mix the meat from the entire hog ;-). Well, ok, the ham doesn't pull too well, and the ribs never make it that far. But, the ham chops good and mixes in with the rest great. And the ribs make a good lunch.
  3. packplantpath

    Any plans for building a composter

    I dump the ash right in the compost. It's just burned wood, adds a few nutrients and helps keep the pH adjusted towards alkaline. Lots of the stuff you throw in is acidic. Now, if you smoke daily, maybe that would be too much, but I don't (unfortunately) smoke enough for the ash to hurt...
  4. packplantpath

    Any plans for building a composter

    I built this one with some minor mods. I love it. The front slats come out for turning.
  5. packplantpath

    Blight or Fungus

    Why BT? He didn't mention worms, though it can't hurt to kill two birds at once. I agree with the blossom end rot. You probably need lime, and this was likely exacerbated by rain washing out the previous lime (if any). The splotchy leaves on the bottom are likely septoria leaf spot...
  6. packplantpath

    pig roast

    I'll second what dan said. It shouldn't take over about 8-12 hours for a 200 lb live wt pig. I typically shoot for 300 degrees, but don't get upset if it hits 400 for short periods of time (30 min stretches). The ham can be a real booger if you want to pull the meat, so keep that in mind. If...
  7. packplantpath

    RE: USDA Response on cooking chicken

    Isn't this more a question of intact vs punctured meat? Intact meat will not let contaminated drippings contaminate the internals. The external portion of the meat could be contaminated for a few minutes after the drips, but not long. If there is a probe in there, more of a problem. The...
  8. packplantpath

    Flowering Cherry Tree

    Even if it 's grafted, it is grafted to cherry root stock. Use it all, it's all cherry.
  9. packplantpath

    Anybody ever smoke any of these??

    Another term for them is "swingin' sirloin" and I think it's fitting.....
  10. packplantpath

    Green Egg or Komado Grills

    Good luck with it. I agree, buy the brand with local dealers is probably best on these things. Look forward to the first cook.
  11. packplantpath

    BBQ shirt at Woot!

    Yea, saw that this morning. Nice to see more wooters on here. I've spent way too much with those guys over the years....
  12. packplantpath

    Green Egg or Komado Grills

    I honestly find no difference in the moisture of the meat between the grilldome or the SnP. I don't mop at all most of the time on any smoker, or if I do it's maybe 3 times at most. There is no water pan, and there really isn't room for one either. I would suggest getting the biggest one you...
  13. packplantpath

    Green Egg or Komado Grills

    Papoo, everything you said is correct on ease of use. They are not easy to add chips to the pan, but you won't need to either. Use chunks instead, and randomly disperse about 3 chunks throughout the top, middle, and bottom of the charcoal load. When lighting it, fill the base with charcoal...
  14. packplantpath

    Extremely Long Smoke Times

    I'm one who believes that pork butts benefit very little from the very long cooks. Butts are very fatty and will not dry out and pull just as easily as long as the temps dont get too high. 325 is pushing it though. I try to hover around 280 most of the time. I have tried 2 side by side in...
  15. packplantpath

    Green Egg or Komado Grills

    I have a grilldome (a BGE competior, google it) I picked up on craigslist for I think $50. It's the medium size one and is great for a butt. Almost effortless, and uses less than one chimney of lump to cook all day and night. My biggest complain is that it is so efficient, every once in a...
  16. packplantpath

    I want to make my own charcoal

    Why not just go the burn barrel route if you want something like that. Burn wood down to coal and shovel into the pit. Works great. SHould be the same net effect as homemade charcoal, but much easier and without the need to store it. JMHO
  17. packplantpath

    First Boston Butt

    Personally, I like doing them together. Takes a little longer, but you get to blend the slight differences between the cuts into what i think is slightly better pork.
  18. packplantpath

    Primo Lump Charcoal

    I know Primo is one of the ceramic egg smoker manufacturers. But nothing else....
  19. packplantpath

    To burn or not to burn.

    It may not be popular on the forum, but southern pig cookers have been made out of old oil barrels for years and years now. Which means, it has no acute affects, but could explain some of the affectations of us North Carolinians.... Honestly, I'd say it depends on what and how toxic the...
  20. packplantpath

    Outback Style BBQ Sauce Question

    Too funny. Cattlemans is pretty decent though.