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  1. colomtnman

    Scientific evidence and the dreaded "stall" Great article and a must read!

    What an outstanding article.  For whatever reason I have never had the stall with anything but chicken.  And quite doing it because of that.  But dying to do some this weekend. Cheers
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  3. Lamb


  4. colomtnman

    Gotta Love Winter

    Thanks everyone fo rhte kind words and suggestions.  I have used the search function a few times and I have a hard time believeing there is a search I could do without finding the answer.  I will post some photos of work done to date. . . . . . . . I find the smoking such a great expereince I...
  5. colomtnman

    Gotta Love Winter

    Thank you from the mountains of Northern Colorado to all that have contributed such incredible information.  I have always had and used several gas and charcoal grills, but am new to the "smoking world".  I have been using this site for awhile now and wanted to become legitimate.  The...