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  1. jim79

    Sams Baby Back Ribs on sale

    Not sure about any other Sams but the one at Southlands in Denver is selling baby back (3 Racks) for $2.38 per pound and Spare Ribs for $1.38 a pound. Just thought Id let anyone interest know
  2. jim79

    Surf & Turf on the drum

    WOW that is such a BEAUTIFUL plate good job
  3. jim79

    SuperBowl Sunday Smoke/Cook

    I started smoking for the super bowl on Monday. I smoked a 12 lb sirloin that i cut up to make chili with. Had to make to pots on hot one mild. Have to keep wife happy. Now its time to go light up the smoker for the 6 racks of ribs i have to smoke. Have about 30 people coming over for the...
  4. jim79

    "Remember Me" this video will move you

    I spent 20 years in the US Navy and I can tell you that the one thing I always like for someone to just stop me and say thank you for serving. It ALWAYS brightened my day. Here is a lil thing that I should have posted at christmas: Twas the night before Christmas, He lived all alone, in a...
  5. jim79

    Just how cold have you smoked ???

    Not sure what the temp will be but I will be smoking some rips and brisket for Super Bowl Sunday poker party here in Denver. This morning its in the low teens should be a LOT of fun
  6. jim79

    Canning Basics

    Deb I tried to click on your link and it just took me back to the SMF page
  7. jim79

    Char-Griller offset smoker

    that was my very first smoker. I did like it but after awhile it got a bit small for all my smoking wants and needs
  8. jim79

    Rookie Smoker from Colorado

    Welcome BBQ I am in colorado also denver area. This is a great web site. The people here can answer ANY question you have
  9. jim79

    another history thing

    But do you remember what they USED to call our cerial? Super Sugar Crisp Sugar Frosted Flakes It was so nice to have advertisers be honest back in the day
  10. jim79

    No Briskets At Sams

    I am here in denver and we have briskets at Sams. Although i was going to smoke one Saturday and all they had look well dont want to me rude but they looked like crap. Ended up going to the military commisary and they had some very nice ones. AND one of them is on the smoker right now. Was hard...
  11. jim79

    New Stainless Steel Smoker

    My wife just bought me a brand new gas stainless steel smoker Sams for my birthday. It should be said that I already have a nice steel offset smoker. Is there anything different about cooking gas as opposed to REAL fire? Oh yes she also bought me a stailess steel preperation table that has...
  12. jim79

    BBQ books

    I just wanted to let you know I bought a Competetion BBQ book at ebay the other day thinging it would have some SECRETS!!!! Let me tell you this site has SOOO much more information then that book ever had. When I left feedback I was nice saying it was ok but nothing special. Since then I have...
  13. jim79

    Smoking Boston Butt during a March Snowstorm in Denver

    HI all, Just wanted to tell everyone about the wonderful time I had this past Friday in Denver. I woke up all ready to smoke a pork butt for my friends daughters birthday. When I looked out the window it was SNOWING!!! Let me tell you it is not a lot of fun to try to smoke during a snowstorm...
  14. jim79

    Newbie from Denver Colorado

    Hi im Jim, I just moved to Denver from Baltimore MD. I used to do a bit of smoking in Baltimore now i have to find out how to smoke at altitude. I use a brinkmen smoker. Well thats all for now