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  1. smokincowboy

    First fattie

  2. smokincowboy

    CHUBBIES! (Fatties Little Brothers)

    lookin good could almost taste them
  3. smokincowboy

    Two Fatties Worth Viewing

    sounds real good gotta try it
  4. smokincowboy

    been gone a while

    going to get back into  smoking , I had a bad round with the gout(both feet lasted about a month) and was staying away from meat .but I love me some smoked meats ssssssooooooo I'm back.  thanks Jeff for the news letters you kept my mouth watering
  5. smokincowboy

    Forget jerky - make yourself some biltong :-)

    that sure looks like a must try  real soon
  6. smokincowboy

    How to take a shower

    tooo true.....
  7. smokincowboy

    pulled pork question

    yep what Bubba said . by the way where we havin the party ;)
  8. smokincowboy


    Prayers to you and yours. So sorry Al.
  9. smokincowboy

    smoker try this one
  10. smokincowboy


    Party on wheels includes: 7'x 30" smoker,oven, dual tandem trailer, 4 stainless sinks w/ water pump, commercial grill, 2 fish fryers, overhead canopy w/ lights, chrome storage box, 2 propane racks. HERE IS THE DEAL...unfortunately I have lost my job and must sell my smoker that I have had for...
  11. smokincowboy


    nice smoker in ohio on craigslist [email protected]
  12. smokincowboy

    Electro-Pneumatic "Pee" Shooter

    Man Geek I have trouble getting on the net and going to check my email
  13. smokincowboy

    Smoked Turkey Pics

    Great looking
  14. smokincowboy

    1st try at smoking!

    Lookin good.
  15. smokincowboy

    Christmas Que Side Contest WINNER

  16. smokincowboy

    Happy Birthday Monty

    Happy Birthday
  17. smokincowboy

    Burgers: How popular are they on here???

    sounds good you useing the fry seasonings or do they have some for burgers
  18. smokincowboy

    Got my deal on ebay

    cool smoker
  19. smokincowboy

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Billy OH--