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  1. fishwrestler

    Electric Smoker Build Help/Ideas needed

    Good Morning, Thanks to help from the forum I believe I have all the parts to build my electric smoker using a PID and 220V to wire up a 3400-watt oven element. I have a couple of questions, I want to use a metal 2 gang electrical box to mount the heating element in. Do these oven elements...
  2. fishwrestler

    PID Help needed

    Ok it's not just me JA]ckDanls did you see my (terrible) Schematic
  3. fishwrestler

    PID Help needed

    Was the way I had it wired ok? Because I assume there are different ways to wire it ]
  4. fishwrestler

    PID Help needed

    This is for a 220v 30 amp circuit? This looks like the 110V schematics I see. Will they work the same? Do you recommend removing the volt/amp meter ?
  5. fishwrestler

    PID Help needed

    Thank you I responded to your message and sent my complete parts list and how i think the wiring should go
  6. fishwrestler

    PID Help needed

    OK i have changed one thing with some input from an electrician friend. I am going to run 10 gauge wire in and out of the box and go with 30 AMP Breaker and 30 amp 220v switch
  7. fishwrestler

    PID Help needed

    thank you I also sent JC in GC a message
  8. fishwrestler

    PID Help needed

    oops I posted the wrong schematic
  9. fishwrestler

    PID Help needed

    I am turning a cabinet into an electric smoker. I am going to use 220V 20 AMP CIRCUIT. I will use a 3400-watt oven element. Here is my parts list and a not electrician schematic I did. I would love any productive input or thoughts on this PID Parts List Inkbird PID Thermostat °F °C...
  10. fishwrestler

    New Guy looking for info on vertical smokers

    I have a Smoke Daddy Vertical for almost a year now. I love it. I bought and returned several models from home depot and lowes before deciding on the Smoke Daddy. Plenty of room, temps hold to with in 15 deg F top to bottom. it is pricey But it is built well and will last a life time. The...
  11. fishwrestler

    Smoking soaked ham

    15% sodium is way high. We brine our own hams and use 2% Salt max plus Cure #1 Never salty. I would re heat the ham in a aluminum tray with some liquid on the top and and keep it covered,
  12. fishwrestler

    Now, I know why they call them boning knifes.

    I have purchased about 10 different pairs over the last 10 years and used and tossed them all. Started using these on my nn cutting hand and I love them.
  13. fishwrestler

    Chili Relleno Pork Sausage recipe help

    True Story (Brand) Chili Relleno Berkshire Pork Sausage My wife brought home some new sausages to try the other night and we loved them. So now I must figure out how to reproduce them. I am good at making sausage, but developing the actual recipe has always been my challenge. So here I am...
  14. fishwrestler

    Bacon cure without sugar

    Let me recommend two things, first off use an Equilibrium Curing, or EQ Curing, it allows the meat to cure perfectly without the fear of over salting. Here is the ratios I use Ingredient Quantity (g) % of Meat & Fat Belly Blss/Rind on 1000 100% Salt 20 2.00 % Cure #1 2.5 0.25 % The...
  15. fishwrestler

    Hello from Northern California

    Welcome, Loomis Ca here
  16. fishwrestler

    Meat lugs

    I used the dish like tubs many of you shared, After processing a few whole hogs I made the step to commercial meat tubs and I am so happy I did.
  17. fishwrestler

    Cure #1 & 2 Volume to Weight per Pound of Meat Chart

    As Dave said get a grams scale. I fought using metric for years. I no longer use recipes I use ratios. Cure #1 and #2 is used at .25% use a spread sheet to develop you recipes into ratios. You will be able to duplicate recipes with out issues. As 50 grams of salt is 50 grams of no matter...
  18. fishwrestler

    Bulk COARSE Spices

    i have been using amazon when i remember. Smart and Final, Cash and Carry, Restaurant Depot if there is one near you
  19. fishwrestler

    Smoke Generators

    have you microwaved then
  20. fishwrestler

    Stepping up or maintaining a culture

    In my opinion no started is needed I took the advice of Robert Goodrick for Vancouver BC I started with whole muscle an my chamber is developing it on mold. He also does not use any starter in his salami. Dave you would need a CDC environment. You can reactivate a culture using...