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  1. pastorgadget

    What's your occupation?

    I am a Family Life Pastor, I minister to kids and families. I have been in Full-Time ministry for over 21 years. 
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  3. pastorgadget

    First Brisket

    Looks good, nothing beats when u have your first smoke of a new meat go well.  Always new things to try. 
  4. pastorgadget

    Smoking sirloin tip with master forge?

    It really does not make a difference which rack you use. IMHO the placement of the meat has to do with if you need to get access to. If this is a bullet style smoker use the higher rack, just easer to get to and manage.  Good luck. 
  5. pastorgadget

    8lb butt cut in half?

    I do 4# butts all the time IT of 150 after about 2.5 hours is about right, It will stall so it will slow down.  I agree wrap it at 160 then let it go to 200 then it can rest. I think you are on the right track the only concern I would have is the smaller butts will rest just fine but if u have...
  6. pastorgadget

    Bacon wrapped Tenderloin w/ all the fixins' Q-view

    Ok the slaw is next on my list and the bacon wrapped pork tenderloin, you have inspired me.
  7. pastorgadget

    Beef Tenderloin - My first with QView

    Here are the rest of the pics, Right before cutting rested for 15 minutes.  Sliced and ready to go On my plate, ready for my belly  This was a real winner, we were all surprised by the smoke flavor the tenderloin had, one of the smokiest flavors we have had to date. Moist and tender...
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  11. pastorgadget

    Beef Tenderloin - My first with QView

    Ok internal temp reached 145 so I pulled it. Going to wrap in foil and let it rest about 15 minute. Wife is making mashed potatoes, from scratch of course.
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  13. pastorgadget

    Michigan Q gathering

    I am bummed I will not be able to make this event. Post pics to share. Sounds like fun.
  14. Beef Tenderloin - My first with QView

    Beef Tenderloin - My first with QView

  15. pastorgadget

    Beef Tenderloin - My first with QView

    I wanted to do something than the regulars, brisket, pork butt, chicken and ribs.  I opened up my favorite Cook book on smoking Smoke & Spice by Jamison. After perusing the recipes I thought I would try Beef Tenderloin. I went to my favorite meat shop and got 2# beef tenderloin. Brought it...
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