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  1. WI Smoker77

    Time to try Sauerkraut

    Homemade saurkraut can be much better than store bought. And you can experiment with lengths of time letting it ferment. We did a batch this last Sept-Oct. Left it 10 weeks and came out fantastic. Previously went 6-7 weeks. Both are/were very good. One interesting thing, we had some purple...
  2. WI Smoker77

    Let's Build A Smokehouse

    OK I understood it is a smoker. The reason I asked is I built one a few years ago and used 1X8 board that was pine. And after a couple of seasons I am getting pine pitch dripping out of the knot holes, was just trying to save you the trouble if you were doing the same. Good luck with the...
  3. WI Smoker77

    Let's Build A Smokehouse

    Just curious what do you plan to make the interior walls out of?
  4. WI Smoker77

    Lonely Salami.

    May be lean looking, but sure looks good. Post a pic of the money shot when you slice these please. I love the looks of the casings. PS. Sorry just looked at the Sausage forum and saw a pic. Looks great!!
  5. WI Smoker77

    Sausage time

    Good looking sausage! Good job
  6. WI Smoker77

    Been out of the picture for a while

    JC, Very sorry to hear of your mother's condition. I respect you immensely for what you are doing to help her. I am in somewhat of the same 'boat'. Parents are aging and need help, so I am doing the same. Plenty of time for us in the future for BBQ. So at this time I am enjoying this site...
  7. WI Smoker77

    Please critique my salmon cold smoker design

    Wow, I love the look of your new smoker. Easy to get to the salmon with the rack design. And the pic with the smoke appears to have plenty available for a good smoke flavor. Looking forward to how it works for you and if your happy with the design/construction. One thing I do know, if you can...
  8. WI Smoker77

    Had A Hankering For Brisket...

    Great looking brisket. Going to have to look into a cook like that, instead of the full cook on the smoker.
  9. WI Smoker77

    More Bear Problems

    Bear, best wishes here for getting healthy and feeling better. Rest up and post when you can.
  10. WI Smoker77

    When you want a packer, but not burnt ends...

    Ya had to do it Chopsaw didn't ya?? Post a pic of a perfect brisket and now my mouth is slobbering and trying to figure out when I can do one!!! Great looking brisket!! :emoji_thumbsup:
  11. WI Smoker77

    Reverse flow build

    Sorry to hear of your losses Warren, prayers and condolences sent. Looking forward to your project and how it goes. Hoping to build a RF smoker myself in the future. Good luck.
  12. WI Smoker77

    foods that don't hold up well in the freezer

    I am like some above. I freeze Pulled pork and brisket both, but use a vacuum sealer. I have not had a different tasting one that I can recall. Although try to use them up within a month or two. Side note: We have found that we enjoy reheating the meat up by simply putting the pulled pork in...
  13. WI Smoker77

    just remembering

    Well if you find a good Hot Italian Sausage recipe from him, I 'm sure you'd share it with your friends here.......:emoji_wink:
  14. WI Smoker77

    just remembering

    Likewise here. I remember the first time making sausage, fresh, and thought.....Is this going to be edible?, will it taste good? .. is it possible anyone could get sick?.... and the blowouts, lol. MANY also!! Now I make it and try many different sausages and flavors. And indeed a labor of...
  15. WI Smoker77

    First time making fresh brats and smoked sausage (pic & video heavy)

    Good looking sausages there, like the pics and the color of them. Great job!
  16. WI Smoker77

    Pure Salmon

    That looks awesome! And I am going to try your marinade soon. Using up some of last years salmon we caught. One question about the cedar planks, which I have. I was told to soak them for a bit before putting on the grill. Do the planks char and give off smoke or just get warm? Usually using a...
  17. WI Smoker77

    Even MORE Jalapeno Poppers...

    Awesome looking poppers. Have never seen them done with chicken. Will add this to my 'to do list'.
  18. WI Smoker77

    Memorial Day Pork Butts

    Thank you and I am sure yours came out great also. Feels great when products come out good.
  19. WI Smoker77

    Memorial Day Pork Butts

    Greatly appreciated, thanks!!
  20. WI Smoker77

    Memorial Day Pork Butts

    Thanks Ryan! Everyone was happy..........and hungry!!