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  1. balismoke

    Any new WIFI enabled temperature monitors I don't know about?

    The current market availability for wifi enabled temperature probes is pretty limited. You've got: tappecue, stoker, DigiQ, CyberQ Wifi. I have a CyberQ Wifi and am pretty unimpressed with the software side of it. It has weird limitations to its networking abilities and its a bit of a pain to...
  2. balismoke

    Why is Franklin BBQ in austin so good?

    Here’s a Daniel Vaughn article on how most central TX BBQ Places take care of their rested meat before serving. Franklin uses an Alto-Shaam warming Cabinet I've read a lot of people say their best briskets were the ones wrapped in a...
  3. balismoke

    26 LB Brisket

    Holding off on cooking this guy until I have enough people to eat it, haha. Until then its pork shoulder and ribs through the holidays!
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  5. 26 LB Brisket

    26 LB Brisket

  6. balismoke

    26 LB Brisket

    I just moved to Bali where brisket supply is hard to come by. Local Brisket is really lean with little to no fat. I wanted to get a cut like back at home. After many phone calls a lot of waiting, I finally got my hands on an imported US Brisket. This thing is huge! 26 lbs! I realize I'll trim...
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