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  1. allen

    Sweet Baby Ray’s

    I use SBR’s all the time, smoking and grilling, I don’t thin it down at all.
  2. allen

    Sweet Baby Ray’s

  3. allen

    New Masterbuilt smoker: model 340

    I had the MES 40 with the 800watt for 12 years and it finally died so I up graded to the 1200watt MES40 last year and no problem with either one of them, there was some miner changes like a smaller chip tray and the window but I’m very happy with it
  4. allen

    Dons famous UBE snack sticks and homeade jerky racks

    Try Walmart if you have the store near by, that's where I bought mine.
  5. allen

    Welcome, What part of Sioux City do you live in? I live on the west side of town, across from a...

    Welcome, What part of Sioux City do you live in? I live on the west side of town, across from a school.
  6. allen

    How do you dry peppers?

    I cut my peppers into 1in. slices from top to bottom and lay them on a screen and a fan underneath blowing upward towards the peppers, a computer fan works great. You can leave the seeds and membrane in if you want a little hotter spice.
  7. allen

    Thought I post a little Bacon

    I can't find anyone around here who sells belly bacon, but I'll keep trying.
  8. allen

    How Many Smokers

    3 smokers= (1) MES 40" 800 watts (2) horizontal stick smoker (3) brinkmann gourmet vert. charcoal smoker. The MES gets used alot.
  9. allen

    Epic Fail of ExtraOrdinary Magnitude

    Your not the only one, My first attempt ended the same way, now I know better and smoke enough cheese in the winter to last me a few months.
  10. allen

    It stinks watching good food get ruined and not be able to help.

    I came across something like that 3 years ago at a graduation party, 3 young males at the smoker smoking briskets and smoke coming out of the smoker like a house fire, when it was all done and over with the briskets taste like burnt wood and black, the 3 guys took pride in what they did until...
  11. allen

    Smoked Squirrel!

    I have had fried squirrel and squirrel in the crock pot with BBQ sauce, but not smoked YET. Gonna haved to give it a try this winter.
  12. allen

    Pork Picnic Roast bone-in

    I will be using Mortons Tender Quick, maple syrup,etc:
  13. allen

    Pork Picnic Roast bone-in

    I noticed an add in one of the circulars I get from stores and I came across an add for Pork picnic roast 99c per pound, Will they make good hams and how would I prepare one so it is moist and flavorful? I plan on looking at them after work to get an idea on how big they are, any ideas will be...
  14. allen

    Anyone heard of Holy Smoker Pits

    I tried to access their site and apparently it is shut down.
  15. allen

    Canadian bacon end pieces. What to do with them?

    Dice the pieces up and throw into Baked Beans.
  16. allen

    trap door clean out for firebox?

    I was thinking of the same idea on my offset, Never got around to it, been taking care of my wife. I have everything but no time yet. I think it will work.
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