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  1. riz9

    Smoking Scrapple

    Yes, I've done it and I think I posted on that thread you were talking about, I put a picture up as well. Anyway, scapple smoked is great (at least I think so) and I'm pretty sure you will to as long as you like scrapple. I found the very best way to smoke it was to slice it first then lightly...
  2. riz9

    Plum wood chunks

    Doug, lately I have only used plum on everything. why, because my parents had me cut down a plum tree in their yard early this summer. Since it's dried out a bit and has been perfect on everything, and it's FREE. It's not nearly as strong as hickory or mesquite, and it's the only fruit wood...
  3. riz9

    Why I like This Forum

    I have to say, this is a great thread and I feel very much the same. Being very novice to smoking meat and only starting to do it earlier this summer, when I look back on the bbq's I've had, I relize how much that I've taken from this site, and I've even gotten to the point of being able to...
  4. riz9

    My First attempt

    Excellent work with the presentation!
  5. riz9

    Greetings and Salutations

    Welcome to SMF. And hope everything goes well with that. Can we get a pic of your homemade smoker?
  6. riz9

    Foil at 165 or not

    I have always foiled at 165, but by then I always have great bark going on already, I think anymore would be not nearly as good. Anyway that's my two cents.
  7. riz9

    homemade wood smoker

    Great work on keeping up with this idea, I think you really got something new here. Awesome. I have some left over ribs from my last smoke. You can guess where they're going! I think this method will be great for reheating leftovers as well.
  8. riz9

    Smoked Italain Beef Sandwich

    Great idea. and great pics I'll have to try that soon
  9. riz9

    Sweet Magnolia

    Never used it but I say go for it, let us know. It's funny that your excited about having a tree knocked down by a truck in your front yard.
  10. riz9

    New to the board

    Thom welcome to the SMF, you'll find a lot of great stuff here, enjoy.
  11. riz9

    Pork Butt Today

    Nice work on those butts, pulling pork is one of the most rewarding tasks after a long smoke isn't it!
  12. riz9

    3-2-1 country ribs.....

    Beautiful ribs v-man. I give those ribs a perfect 10. Thanks for all the pics
  13. riz9

    Young Smoker looking to enjoy meats in a new way!

    sapper, welcome to the forum, you'll find plenty of info on all that stuff, but I think I can talk about the blue smoke for a second. And I could be wrong about this, but basically when hardwoods have been burned in a low oxygen enviroment long enough they turn to charcoal esstentially. The...
  14. riz9

    New & Green to Smoking Meats

    Welcome to the forum. I hope you can get going quickly. it's a lot of fun and you get to eat once your done.
  15. riz9

    Smoked Cheese Bread

    Willkat, This is one of the most inventive things I've ever seen. Pizza is one of my biggest weaknesses and this is mighty close. Maybe next time put the cheese over a basket of nachos. What do you think?
  16. riz9

    Stupid question about lump & chimney use...

    Here Here Gary, you are right, that would be a dumb question. And I second Gary's formula, I use the chimney as well, and that really is one thing that goes by the clock. I use one piece of paper let that burn real quick then throw one more piece of paper under there then just walk away, half...
  17. riz9

    downloading pics

    Just open the pictures on your computer, there should be some way of resizing the picture. Off hand guess I would use about 450x450 pixels, seems to be a good size for posting on the web. Then save the picture to the harddrive as a ".jpeg" picture. This will compress it further and still look...
  18. riz9

    homemade wood smoker

    Are you saying you've smoking and deep fried ribs? That sounds AWESOME! And you're breading the ribs now. You got to get us some pictures of that.
  19. riz9

    Cornish Hens Beer can style

    Oh I guess I was late, I see the pictures now. I was posting from Page One of this thread not relizing there was a second page. Nice work on the chickens
  20. riz9

    Cornish Hens Beer can style

    Good luck! How'd they come out?