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  1. bigfurmn

    Good To See You Back!!

    Hopefully you are getting better everyday. I was wondering why you hadn't posted in a while.
  2. bigfurmn

    Grad Party

    Oh and they rented a an ice cream machine too!
  3. bigfurmn

    Grad Party

    3pm central time. Apple Valley MN. I have a feeling there will be plenty of food. I'll be doing my son's bday party but I'm hoping to pop over to that one. They are literally at the same time.
  4. bigfurmn

    Grad Party

  5. bigfurmn

    Grad Party

    Last shoulder is on now. Was supposed to be two but opened the package and didn't like the smell of the pork so we tossed it out. Better safe than sick. I'm also pretty sure the 45 plus pounds (precook) will manage for that party. I'm banking on lots of leftovers.
  6. bigfurmn

    Brisket Sale $2.99/#......

    That is a thing of beauty. What you do for those firefighters I mean, the brisket deal is great too!
  7. bigfurmn

    Grad Party

    Ryan, anytime you are around this area, I will take off and cook anything that sounds good. I appreciate the comment(s). Hopefully this rain isn’t messing up your fields too much. My son still loves your picture on here.
  8. bigfurmn

    Grad Party

    Oh and in between loads I did dinner for the working boys.
  9. bigfurmn

    Grad Party

    Doing a grad party for my cousins daughter who works with myself and my other cousin at his tropical fish store. Been at it since last night. And yes I'm reserving the liquid gold for reheat.
  10. bigfurmn

    Fathers Day cooks?

    I will be working as usual with my cousin. Tomorrow night we are going out for dinner after work, then in picking my parents up from the airport. They decide to leave Florida since it was getting hot. Here tomorrow is supposed to be 95 and humid. Great plan mom and dad. 🤣
  11. bigfurmn

    Birria Tacos

    With all due respect @chilerelleno, I think I/we would have a hard time finding a recipe that WASN'T a good one. You sir, have shared some very amazing recipes that are fantastic. Thank you.
  12. bigfurmn


    Just don't point that out to a vegan.
  13. bigfurmn

    Robot Lie Detector

    Not sure if that is more funny or true!
  14. bigfurmn

    Need recomendations for a temperature probe

    I had to read that twice. Thought you said you had TOO many. I was going to argue there is no such thing as too many.
  15. bigfurmn

    Need recomendations for a temperature probe

    A lot of Thermoworks being tossed around and while i love Thermoworks i find a better value in @Inkbird. Also they might have a coupon for you in a day or two if they see this mention. I spent about $50 (and I'm a cheap ass) on their wifi 4probe thermometer about four years ago. Still working...
  16. bigfurmn

    I missed national brisket day???

    And the savages got to it before I could get a sliced picture. We ate about 8pm last night. Was juicy and tender. I’ll take it as a win.
  17. bigfurmn

    Crazy few months but back to “grilling”

    It looks delicious. It sucks that it didn't taste right.
  18. bigfurmn

    I missed national brisket day???

    And here it is this morning. Going to foil with some liquid and keep going.
  19. bigfurmn

    What is the best album, or CD that you've ever owned?

    I spent a LOT of my youth hanging out with my older cousin. Same one I hang out with weekly with his family and work with on Sundays with tropical fish. I was "DJ" in the basement back in the day when I was very young and he and his friends were over 21. I'm sure yall can figure out what was...
  20. bigfurmn

    I missed national brisket day???

    According to my cousins daughter (see birthday pp post) we missed national brisket day on Tuesday. So she "suggested" we do it tomorrow. Hmm ok game on. She never used to eat steak. She used to eat hotdogs when we had steak. Now she taught my son to eat it again too. So after making some pork...