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  1. comer4tide

    First Butt run with a Pellett

    I did have water in the pan and it didnt cross my mind until you mentioned that. Also, did run a thermo on the grate which stayed within 10 of what the cooker was set at so temps inside were not the issue. Thank you guys for all the suggestions.
  2. comer4tide

    Butts are the devil

    Gotta love a tough butt! Great Job
  3. comer4tide

    My Best Brisket Yet! (Q-View Heavy)

    Looks great! Love that bark
  4. IMG_2815


    3 full size racks
  5. IMG_2812


    1/2 in think on the plate between firebox and chamber
  6. IMG_2809


  7. IMG_2820


    1/4 inch american steel
  8. IMG_2810


    because big girls gotta breathe
  9. IMG_2811


    1/2 inch firebox
  10. IMG_2813


    fits full size catering pans
  11. IMG_2814


    smoke damper for warming box
  12. Great Big Bertha

    Great Big Bertha

    Custom Built Black Warrior Smoker
  13. comer4tide

    First Butt run with a Pellett

    This all started because of the love a beautiful woman and she doesnt understand what she has created and enabled here but here goes: The wife wanted to get me something to cook poolside that wouldnt be an "all day operation" for me and something a little "easier" on me to cook with just for...
  14. comer4tide

    Brand New Black Warrior Smoker Custom Build

    Id like for you guys to meet the newest addition to our lineup. The guys at Black Warrior Smokers knocked this one out of the park. If your in need or ever thought about a stick burner competition/recreational/make your neighbors jealous cooker these guys can do it. This is my 2nd one from them...
  15. comer4tide

    Smoked turkey

    165 in the Thigh is low. 165 in the thickest part of the breast is what I shoot for, and then usually let it run up to 170ish
  16. comer4tide

    Smoked turkey

    Go easy on any smoke you use, even if its apple and cherry, turkey is very delicate and you can kill a bird with to much smoke. Just my 2 cents there tho. I run everything wide open and screamin hot 350 range
  17. comer4tide

    Dare I stick my neck out...??

    You cant cook on time unfortunately, esp with the Thanksgiving turkey. Cook to temp of 165-170 on the thickest part of the breast and check it 3 times in different parts of the breast just to be safe. But, if your wanting a guesstimate, id say 6-8 hours, shorter if you cook it hotter. I cook...
  18. comer4tide

    Question on 21 lb Turkey for Thanksgiving

    I would do 2 birds. i do a big turkey cook as a fundraiser every year, this year we have close to 100 birds to cook, and i do 10-12 pounders at 325-350 from start to finish. Turkey is a delicate meat and to much smoke, esp heavy smoke like hickory, will kill the bird and the taste. I use lots of...
  19. comer4tide

    Favorite Turkey Rub for Thanksgiving?!?

    Mike, Walmart typically carries it here in the south, might try amazon
  20. comer4tide

    Thanksgiving Smoked BBQ Turkey Recipe

    Good Morning, Since it is that time of the year I thought Id throw my 2 cents out on the annual smoked turkey recipe. Every year my football team sells whole smoked breasts and I smoke them the day before Thanksgiving. We have done anywhere from 30 to 100 birds in a day. Over the years I have...