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  1. scottma

    pellets from amazon

    Todd's pellets are great for the tray or tube but not economical for a pellet smoker at almost $60 per 40lbs. The pitboss I use produce very little ash.
  2. scottma

    pellets from amazon

    I used to always order cookin pellets from amazon when they were consistently around $30 for a 40lb bag and now they are closer to $40. I have since switched to pitboss 40lb bags of the comp blend and haven't noticed any difference other than paying half the price from Lowes.
  3. scottma

    PitBoss pellets?

    I use the Pitboss comp blend primarily in my Rec Tec....can't beat the price 40lb bags $14.99 at Lowes all the time. Decent smoke, low ash and burn great.
  4. scottma

    Electric smoker and gas grill or pellet smoker?

    I also have both. The Rec Tec rt680 which can smoke and grill just fine but its a time thing for me. I just went out and bought a Weber Genesis gasser for better sears and quicker cooking of things like burgers/dogs/chicken
  5. scottma

    What Should I Sous Vide First?

    I'd also keep it simple. Get some NY Strips...season them...bag them...and cook at 132 for 1.5-2 hours then sear in a hot cast iron pan or grill.
  6. scottma

    American Waygu Porterhouse recipe help

    I now sous vide all of my steaks then sear in a cast iron grill pan directly on top of my charcoal chimney starter and they come out amazing. Except for rib eyes. I do not like the way they come out after their bath. I do think 131/132 is too high for "ultra rare" you would be looking at...
  7. scottma

    [Recommendation] Insulated Hot food / glove that are pliable - to handle food

    I use a pair of these. They work great for picking up pork butts and other food off the smoker.
  8. scottma

    How do you keep it clean?

    I remember seeing a review of a grill mat on amazon and the person showed pics of when they moved it after some time the Trex decking was totally stained from it and they were unable to get the stain out. So just be careful when buying one.
  9. scottma

    [Stupid] GREAT! Question

    I take them out and powerwash a few times a year. It really gets them clean.
  10. scottma

    Im hooked!!

    I received a sous vide for Christmas and used it for the first time tonight. I bought 2 NY strip roasts on sale for $3.99/LB. Smoked one on xmas day and cut this one into steaks. Set the temp at 129 and cooked for almost 2 hours. A quick sear on the grill after. These we probably the best...
  11. scottma

    Rec Tec or Grilla?

    I clean out my pellet grill about every 40lbs of pellets...From what I have read that seems about the best time frame. 
  12. scottma

    Rec Tec Service

    Im surprised they made you pay for shipping on the replacement parts...
  13. scottma

    Just ordered the Rec Tec Kitchen Sink Bundle

    I have them and they are good but not something I would make a special order for...
  14. scottma

    Moisture making my rub clump

    I also make large batches and then into Mason jars and kept in the freezer till needed.  Never any clumping. 
  15. scottma

    New home for the smoker

     Thanks!! Its been working out great so far.  Its nice having a covered space for the smoker.   I'd say all in including the decorative stuff about a $1000
  16. scottma

    New home for the smoker

    Thanks.  I wonder how long it takes to tarnish like that pic you posted.  I do like that look. 
  17. scottma

    New home for the smoker

    Thanks guys.  I appreciate the kind words.
  18. scottma

    New home for the smoker

    Thanks Hardcookin its worked out great so far.
  19. scottma

    New home for the smoker

    Thanks guys.  It really is a nice place to hang while cooking some food.  Theres a drip edge on the back and all water runs to the left into my yard.
  20. scottma

    Pellet Grill shopping

    Yes...alot.  Nothing better than being able to throw a butt on before bed set the temp to 225 and not worry for a second about the cook.  40lb hopper is great...No need to worry about running out.  It also is very economical with pellet usage only about a pound an hour at 225-250 temp range...