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  1. motolife313

    Brisket flat and few other goodies

    Little dry but really good flavor and tender. It was from winco and took about 7 or so, cooked with just oak wood red and white, used madrone last time and it worked well
  2. motolife313

    Brisket flat and few other goodies

    Haven’t done a flat in a couple years and forgot that I liked then so much.
  3. motolife313

    Beef Short Ribs

    That’s a good deal! I call those side ribs or plate, Short ribs when there singles and Korean short rib or flanken ribs when the 1/4” thin cut pieces
  4. motolife313

    Cherry, how much is to much?

    I start my fire with only wood and start it after the meat is on the grates. Always comes out good with just about any wood including cherry. I use cherry a lot and it’s good stuff. I speed dried this cherry is about 4 - 6 months. I got one piece left. Sold most of it and used some of it. Cherry...
  5. motolife313

    Wood for smoking

    U got 2 pages of people saying welcome to the site.
  6. motolife313

    Wagyu top sirloin, tri tip and Korean short ribs

    Stick burners are a lot of fun. And very easy to run. U should totally build one!mine cost about 1500$ and I got good deals on almost everything some decent pics. Those are some 1.5” hinges holding the cc door on and 1” on the fb. Here’s the build...
  7. motolife313

    Wagyu top sirloin, tri tip and Korean short ribs

    Thank you. Here is the smoker build of all stainless the wagyu top sirloin again. The tritip was a high up choice I’m guessing. They don’t really grade there meat but it’s borderline prime usually I got this from one of there stores for 13-16 a pound I think
  8. motolife313

    Wagyu top sirloin, tri tip and Korean short ribs

    New seasons has really good quality meats! That’s were the tritip came from also. They had wagyu New York also but 24$ a pound
  9. motolife313

    Wagyu top sirloin, tri tip and Korean short ribs

    Man U guys liked this one! Thanks For the nice compliments. Might cook over my outdoor cooker. I’ve only used it 4-5 times. I do prefer the steaks smoked tho. I did a cap steak on the outdoor cooker once
  10. motolife313

    Wagyu top sirloin, tri tip and Korean short ribs

    Wagyu was on sale 8.99 a pound, started on a new cutting board also
  11. motolife313

    Wagyu top sirloin, tri tip and Korean short ribs

    Did these this week. The wagyu last night. The tritip was one of the best steaks I’ve had.
  12. motolife313

    First Tri Tip attempt.......and fail

    I marinate the tritip in bbq sauce and they come out great. Even couple hours in the marinade is enough. I pulled my first tritip at 125 and it was also chewy.
  13. motolife313

    Back ribs and broccoli

    Thanks for the nice words everybody!it was a fun little cook!even got a little dirtbike ride in during the cook.
  14. motolife313

    Back ribs and broccoli

    Smoked these ribs from Costco for about 4 hours at 250 with plum wood and did the broccoli in a cast iron pan on the stove top
  15. motolife313

    Cosco, St. Louis Ribs...

    I cook my ribs to 195 plus and always go by temp. 200 is ok also not a big deal
  16. motolife313

    Experiment: To wrap or not to wrap? (Beef short ribs)

    I’ve done some short ribs and they usually don’t come out nearly as juicey as say a 3 bone rib so I can totally see wrapping. And the single short ribs take for ever to cook. I just keep it to 3 bone side/ plate ribs or I actually prefer Korean short ribs
  17. motolife313

    Curing fresh cut wood for smoking

    If u chip it up in a chipper it will dry in about a month or less. Just keep turning over your pile so it gets fresh air. Keep it outside at first so the wind and sun can cure it
  18. motolife313

    Third rack of ribs I've ever done.

    Nice color! What kind of smoker is this on?
  19. motolife313

    Thawing pork butt

    I’d take it in and out of the fridge for a couple hours at a time and then put it back in the fridge. Should be thawed by Saturday tho if u put it in the fridge Wednesday but still could be little frozen if u don’t take it out at all
  20. motolife313

    Why is this brisket cooking so fast?

    Prime cooks way faster